Intel community gets new CHCO


Paula Roberts, the head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s human development directorate, will be the next chief human capital officer of the intelligence community. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair said Roberts will oversee the design, development and execution of human resource strategies and policies to support the 16 agencies in the intelligence community.

“Paula will continue our efforts to build a diverse workforce with the technical and linguistic skills and cultural understanding necessary to help us meet our wide-ranging mission requirements,” Blair said in a statement released today.

Roberts has worked at NGA since 1978, and joined the Senior Executive Service in 1996. She will replace Ronald Sanders, the community’s first CHCO, who is retiring.

Sanders was a major proponent of creating a pay-for-performance system for all intelligence agencies based on NGA’s Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System. Congress last October suspended that system for all agencies except NGA. But by promoting the head of HR for NGA, who helped oversee and administer DCIPS, Blair might be signaling his confidence in the system.


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  1. Blair can have confidence in DIPS all he wants. The employees don’t and never will! If he still wants to push this on the work force there will be a backlash with the likes never seen before.

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