Teleworkers: Fed Times wants to hear from you


Did you telework during the snowstorm last week? Federal Times would like to talk to you and hear how well it went. Were you able to do some or all of your work without any major bumps? Were there tech problems that kept you from getting anything done? Or did your agency’s or manager’s restrictions on telework completely take that option off the table?

And managers, what was your experience managing your staff remotely last week? Was teleworking worthwhile, or just window dressing?

E-mail me at if you’d like to talk. If you’d prefer we not use your name, that’s fine.


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  1. Because I regularly telework, I was able to accomplish some tasks during the storm. However, with the majority of my agency closed, I was not able to be as productive as I usually am while teleworking. I did not claim any of the work time while at home because it would just confuse the situation.

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