Consumers must demand IT security


We hear so much every day about the dire outlook for federal cybersecurity. Former Bush and Clinton administrations even held a war game scenario Tuesday showing how the current administration might respond to a devastating cyber attack.

But John Gilligan, a noted federal cybersecurity consultant, says cybersecurity depends on us, the consumers, to demand security from our devices and developers. Our demand for new technology and new applications and software has resulted in an unstable cybersecurity environment, he said.

Absolute security is unlikely with today’s devices, he told attendees at Wednesday’s Association for Federal Information Resources Management lunch in Washington, D.C.

We have to that that public dialogue. We have evolved to a technology that is inherently insecure. Anything close to absolute security is just not possible, not feasible with the technology we currently have fielded. It’s something we let happen because we as consumers haven’t demanded security.”


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