Federal government closed Tuesday


The Office of Personnel Management announced the federal government will once again be closed tomorrow in Washington. This will be the second snow day in a row, and the third this winter. This screenshot at data.gov announcing the closure is apparently all that is left of OPM’s decimated Web site.

The National Weather Service is forecasting more snow — anywhere from 10 to 20 inches — beginning Tuesday afternoon. That forecast, combined with the still-lousy conditions on many roads in the Washington area, led OPM Director John Berry to close the government. OPM hasn’t yet made any decisions on Wednesday. But considering that tomorrow’s winter storm warning is scheduled to run through Wednesday evening, it’s not looking good.

EDIT: Hat tip to Ben Bowman, a producer at Chicago’s NBC5 and proprietor of Ben’s Breakfast Blog, who made this awesome Snowmageddon video last year:


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  1. Sick of Federal BS on

    So washington has been closed the entire week so far, and probably the rest of the week as far as I’m concerned. How is it that Philadelphia and surrounding federal agencies have to remain open? Guess it’s just gov’t intelligence…if it doesn’t make sense to the common folk, it will make sense to the gov’t. They need to keep in mind, there will be lawsuits pending since people are forced to come into work (especially if they have no leave accrued; i.e. new employee)

  2. Angelo Onorato on

    I am a retired federal employee (military and civilian service). Government employees earn significant amounts of leave time. A liberal leave policy would be appropriate; closure no.

    Some DC area locations remain snow covered; others are cleared and streets very passable. Unfortunately, public transporation (metro and buses) is unable to adequately respond even with ample notice of impending storms.

    The rest of the world must view us as a weak nation paralyzed by event considered normal in other areas. That we can afford to shut down at a cost of 600 million dollars raises serious question about the necessity of government work in the DC area. Very sad that our nation’s capital seems so ill equiped, and weak and willing to waste so much money.

  3. State Employee on

    In reply to “Sick of Federal BS”…

    As a Federal Employee here in DC. The status of our area being closed is pretty acurate. If you were here and realized how ugly our streets are.. and the condition that DOT has left us in.. you would understand the decision to close the govt. Our area is so bad.. that cars must remain in parking spots.. Kids cant even wait for the bus for school.. where will they stand? What about the Metro for us.. majority of us commute by train.. How can we get into DC if not by metro? Metro is not running.. because of the snow..
    Today was the first day i moved my car and all i did was slide…
    I parked it in my spot and walked to the grocery store to restock on food.. Let me give you a chuckle… In our area snow is unpopular to us! so of course majority of us dont know how to act!! you would think this the 2010 of i am legend lol
    Then as of right now.. more snow is coming down and i am praying that we are closed.. Ive never seen snow this bad for us! As far as lawsuits? I doubt. If the Govt is closed.. its closed.. PTO. REGARDLESS!

    Common people do get it! Folks in DC, MD & VA get it.. except for you..
    To me it seems that you a little upset that you are not off.. hmmm THINK ABOUT IT!


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