Snow update: OPM recommending employees telework


Snow’s a-comin’, and the Office of Personnel Management just issued a memo recommending agencies allow any eligible employees to telework tomorrow. “This severe weather forecast presents a key opportunity for agencies to test their telework plans in the context of emergency preparedness,” OPM Director John Berry wrote.

Berry also said employees on alternative work schedules should, if possible, schedule their day off or use credit hours tomorrow. As of now, agencies in the Washington area will be operating on an unscheduled leave policy tomorrow. If an employee doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it in tomorrow, Berry said he should tell his supervisor as soon as possible that he plans to take annual leave, compensatory time off, credit hours or leave without pay.

The National Weather Service is still predicting the snow to begin mid-morning, but says “conditions will deteriorate rapidly Friday afternoon” and the most hazardous conditions will be tomorrow night. Arlington County, Va., is also recommending residents have enough food and water to last three to five days. (h/t to @weatherbykate, who also notes that the always-helpful lists tomorrow’s golf index as “poor.” You know, in case you were still hoping to squeeze in that back nine.)

EDIT: Also, a helpful emergency weather planning guide can be found here.


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