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You don’t need C-SPAN to keep up with what’s going on at the White House, thanks to a new iPhone app launched by the White House last week.

The White House posted a quick tutorial about the app on its blog today, with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs demonstrating the app’s handy little features. The tongue-in-cheek video won’t embed, unfortunately, but you can check it out here:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs shows off the new White House iPhone app.

The blog also praises all of the video you can watch by downloading the free app through iTunes, all while taking a few potshots at reporters, commuters and fans of any NBA team other than the Los Angeles Lakers.

Just today you can watch the President and the Vice President at a Middle Class Task Force meeting at 11:00 EST, even if you’re hunkered down hiding from the rain at a bus stop as a lot of people in DC are right now. At 1:00 you can watch the selfsame Robert Gibbs take on the White House press corps, even if you’re a White House reporter who decided to just stay in bed today. And at 2:20 you can watch the President welcome last season’s NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers, even if you’re at a hockey game because watching your team get beat by the Lakers over and over made you look for other sports to stir your passions.”


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