GSA posts mileage reimbursement rates


The General Services Administration just released the 2010 mileage reimbursement rates for federal employees using private vehicles:

  • Automobiles (if no government vehicle is available): $0.50 per mile
  • Motorcycles: $0.47 per mile
  • Airplanes: $1.29 per mile

If a government-owned car is available, but an employee chooses to drive his own car instead, the mileage reimbursement rate drops considerably to $0.285 per mile. If an employee agrees to use a federal car but later backs out, the rate drops even further to $0.125 per mile.

Those rates went into effect Jan. 1. But there’s no word yet on what kind of mileage reimbursement rate DARPA’s futuristic flying cars might receive.


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