No more texting and driving, feds

The federal government wants you to do this.

The federal government wants you to do this.

If you’re a federal employee, you can no longer text while driving on company time.

President Obama issued an Oct. 1 executive order banning federal employees from texting while driving for work, and that order took effect Wednesday. The order bans feds from using government-supplied electronics while driving, as well as texting while driving government-owned vehicles or while driving privately-owned vehicles on official government business.

Federal contracts are encouraged to adopt their own policies banning texting behind the wheel.

More than 4 million federal employees will be banned from texting on company time, according to a Transportation Department news release. Some agencies had a head start in banning texting: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood ordered all 58,000 agency employees to comply immediately with the president’s executive order.


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