WH to officially name cyber czar today


President Barack Obama will officially name Howard Schmidt, President Bush’s former cybersecurity chief, as the White House “cyber czar,” the White House has confirmed.

Schmidt spent about 18 months in the Bush administration, from December 2001 to May 2003, before returning to the private sector. He has also worked as Microsoft’s chief security officer, and eBay’s chief information officer; the White House says Schmidt’s close ties with industry were a factor in his appointment.

The Washington Post first reported the news of Schmidt’s nomination last night. Schmidt was long considered one of the two front-runners for the job, which Obama announced he would create during a White House speech on cybersecurity in May.

We’ll have more details about the announcement, including reactions from the cybersecurity community, throughout the day.


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  1. Schmidt is a former Bush Administration appointee. Looks like Obama has finally realized that when real work needs to be done, his political cronies just can’t hack it.

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