Feds get half-day off on Christmas Eve


Federal employees will get a little more time for last-minute Christmas shopping this year. President Barack Obama on Friday evening issued an executive order closing executive branch agencies and excusing employees on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

But employees who are essential for national security, defense, or other public needs will not get a short day, Obama said. FedLine assumes that also goes for the crucial staff at NORAD Tracks Santa.

President George W. Bush gave federal employees Christmas Eve off — and a four-day weekend — in 2007, when Christmas fell on a Tuesday. Last year, when Christmas fell on a Thursday, feds got Dec. 26 off and another four-day weekend.

Some feds may not be too pleased with Obama’s lower 2 percent pay raise in 2010, and his thwarted push to not hand out locality pay raises. But at least he’s not threatening to dock feds half a day’s pay for their time off, like some bosses (skip to the three-minute mark to see what I’m talking about):


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  1. Well, Mr. Obama thanks for 1/2 off which all Presidents do if possible. Pay raise, well we have to have monies to kend to other countries as in foreign aid, and to pay for all the Illegals coming over. Pay raise. Lets see after taxes that would be about $20 a month. Thanks Mr Obama. Should just keep it all for a couple of years to help pay down the deficit. Hummmmm!

  2. Thank you Mr. President. Please pardon the missinformed comment by Ms. MaryJo Bruce. For a lack for a better word, let’s just say just very ill informed. Take care and God bless.

  3. the post office won’t be closing early on x-mas eve, and this rural carrier is working 6 days a week, every other week and making 6 thousand dollars less this year than last year.

  4. Thnaks, it helps. Now how about a cost of living that keeps up with all the “Washington folks”. The locality pay should be even higher!!

  5. Thank you – I am new to civilian service but served on active duty for 7years a couple of decades ago. Since then, I have been in the civilian world, mostly nonprofit, and I just have to say Thank you – for this free 4 hours, for the amazing benefits and the very good salary compared to my last 20 years. I feel blessed.

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