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Time for one of my periodic “I’m looking for postal employees…” posts.  I’m working on a story about the Postal Service’s labor grievance process, and I’m looking for postal employees who have filed grievances against USPS. Don’t care what the outcome was — whether you won, you lost, or the complaint is still pending.

If you’re interested in talking — anonymously, of course — e-mail me.


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  1. I would like to see someone do an article on verbal and mental abuse inflicted by supervisors and fellow employees.
    Also, would like to see comments on what happens to employees who DO file complaints or grievances. From my experiences, those in smaller offices who take steps to right a wrong get abused, threatened and the repercussions are hardly worth the fight.

  2. A better story might be why certain areas have terrible labor-management relations and others have very good relations. Take Anchorage, AK vs. Minneapolis, MN. Reportedly, the grievance activity per capita is 10 times higher in Alaska. Why is that? Why is Minneapolis blessed with such good relations. I really want to know.

  3. They file grievances daily. The work rules are the worst of any industry say the auto. Have you not seen the cost grievances have on the bottom line. Oops I sneezed, file a grievance.

  4. I was a union local president for 9 years. I file hundreds of union grievances. The union grievance procees is a good one but its the people manwho force it not to work well.

  5. rural agreement says we do not carry dps to the street, if we dont want to. mgm ignores settlements. steward keeps refiling. others spends hours more taking this dps to the street. i take some out. if you bring enough of it back to mess up their ontime scores that will stop.
    this is the “flavor of the month” next month , it will be something else just as stupid.
    you do not run a company based upon flavor of the month. only if you don’t know what you are doing.

  6. I am a postal supervisor and I do know that post office is waisting money for the big machines, changing floor like Palatine P and DC in IL. The Plant managers want money/ bonus in their pocket. They do not care about the employees.

  7. Edward Sherman on

    Yes, I have won a 300,000 dollar EEOC judgement in San Francisco against the P.O. I can not believe that no one is talking about it.

  8. I am only 52, but took the early retirement on 10/31/09. Had 22.5 yrs as a clerk. Was totally disgusted with how Union/Management made deals. I had Breast Cancer Surgery (everything good, no treatments needed) in August and decided it was time to switch my Life. Now working closer to home with 2 part time jobs. Don’t care if I don’t get $25/hr. No Stress No More!!!! I tried letting Union/Management know what was going on with midnight shift, they closed their ears to it. Supervisor still there, but now on day shift because processing machines taken out of facility. Union didn’t want to do anything. Will elaborate if you are interested. Maybe little petty things, but should not be allowed in the workplace.

  9. are you kidding ? contacting the media “may cost you your job” i doubt that you’ll get many responses, go to postal mag., read between the lines, only way you’ll get any true responses is to do away with those required fields!

  10. I am a high ranking Union official in my state and may be interested in talking to you depending on what your intent is.

  11. Retired letter carrier steward/ EEO advocate/MSPB advocate. The system is a sham. The front line supervisor lacks any authority to settle a grievance even though the collective bargaining agreement encourages settlement at the lowest level.
    District controls every aspect of station activity. How many times a supervisor stated, “I wish I could settle this but labor relations ordered me to send it up”. I could go on and on. Wishing you luck in this endeavor.

    Bob (NYC Bob) Czartoryski
    formerly Branch 36 NYC, currently Branch 232, Jackson Michigan.

  12. Been a steward for the NPMHU for about 10 years. Also served as Branch President. I’ve done Step 1’s, Step 2’s and Arbitrations. So I think I’ve got some decent info to share.

  13. Sir, If you are interested in the business aspect of the grievance process then look to the action. By that I mean look at the alleged reason for the problem not the grievance procedure itself. The union are essentially counterpunchers NOT punchers meaning we are on the defense of the issue. The real problem is with the people that issue the disciplinary actions and the validity thereof. That, in and of itself has been morphed from a valid and neccessary managerial tool to a harrassment and intimidation tactic by the USPS. This has been allowed because the alleged hiring process has been copied from the Mafia. Whoever is the worst, most intractable, angriest, or most socieopathic must make a good manager. In the postal world there are NO qualifications other thanthe girlfriend system, the buddy system, or the EEO system. If you are interested in the two biggest issues in the grievance system, then look at managerial hiring and accountability, and the validity of the disciplinary actions issued by how they are decided in terms of won/lost percentage. As a side light look at arbitration decisions as an outside, objective, and impartial judge and again review the won/lost percentage to see both the validity and the effect on employee morale and workfloor atmosphere. The monies lost by the USPS on poorly thought managerial actions, ( see the $76 million they will now pay out for contract violations ) is a disgrace. My perspective is that no employees want their money, we all want them to follow the contract ( ie rules ) that they have sworn to uphold; NOT waste the USPS money on intimidation tactics. I would like to see the figures on all the money paid out for managers who are not held accountable for NOT doing their jobs correctly; AND the reason(s) why they are not held accountable.
    If you would care to follow up on this line of thought I would be very interested.

  14. I am a local union president with over 25-years experience as a shop steward and local officer, so the number of horror stories I could “tell” you could fill volumes. But that is obviously not your purpose here.

    That being said, with the Postal Service downsizing and forever claiming “economic catastrophe” ostensibly beyond management control. USPS management has all but disengaged from the Collective Bargaining process, including the grievance procedure and essentially told the postal unions to go to the nether regions. In short, management will not engage in good faith bargaining and generally ignores the terms of the National Agreement, whilst claiming “we have no choice.”

    The simple truth is that the USPS has a very real choice to comply with the terms of the postal unions various Agreements, but makes a conscious decision not to. In point of fact, the USPS budgets more than $300-million a year toward labor relations alone, much of it committed to dealing with the grievance-arbitration procedure.

    For example: My Local regularly and routinely presents grievances over something as simple as an Overtime Bypass, wherein management will intentionally utilize a Non-ODL Clerk in lieu of a Clerk on the Overtime Desired List, who would otherwise be entitled to the overtime opportunity. They do this so as to avoid the payment of Penalty Overtime (double overtime rate).

    The codified remedy for this violation is to simply pay the aggrieved employee a like sum of money for the hours worked by the Non-ODL Clerk. It’s in our contract.

    Yet management will not settle the grievance at Step-1 of our grievance procedure, as set forth in the parties’ Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (JCIM), which then compels the issue to be appealed upward to Step-2, then ultimately Directly to Arbitration if denied at Step-2.

    When all is said and done, the Postal Service will settle at the pre-arbitration stage (as they almost always do), but by then they have incurred nearly $1,000-1,200 hundred in additional costs via the grievance procedure! Wait – we’re not done! They must still pay the Grievant the $90 or so for the original remedy, plus the $125 it costs to make the pay adjustment! All this at a time when the Postal Service is bleeding to death economically.

    These are not isolated instances. From my small Local alone I deal with issues like this on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. As a result of the regular, routine, and recurrent theme of these grievances, I am this day filing an Unfair Labor Practice with the NLRB, as it it quite obvious that the grievance procedure is not at all taken seriously by the US Postal Service. They simply do not care. It’s insane!

    Bob Patterson – President
    Salem, OR Area Local #604
    American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
    503-399-9512 / 503-510-8073

  15. Christine Pruitt on

    I am the local president for the American Postal Workers Union in Wichita, Kansas. I would be willing to discuss any number of grievances and the labor/management climate in the Postal Service.

  16. Michelle Fitzpatrick on

    I have benn a union steward for APWU for almost 25 years now. The grievance system needs to be fixed on managements side. There is no penalty on them if they do not meet deadlines or take care of settlements. I work at the Kansas City BMC/NDC.


  18. On the average most offices previously filled from 10 to 20 % in members worth of grievances. For example if an office had 100 clerks there may be anywhere from 10 to 20 grievances appealed to the highest level for adjudication. With the recent cutting of employees staffing and declining mail volume my office here has 42 Clerk Craft APWU Members and I am currently close to appealing my 50th grievance for the year.
    Lou Campas
    President Local 648

  19. Peter Marinelli on

    I tried to e-mail with no luck. I could be very useful to you as I just settled a Federal Court case that involved 13 grievances all of which were settled in my favor.

  20. I have filed many grievances throughout my 17 years as a postal employee. I have also filed several EEO cases. One in particular I won over a years salary for disability discrimination. I resently have an EEO ongoing along with several grievances that are at the arbitration stage that are related to unwarranted discipline, suspension and removal. I will win, however it does take alot of TIME to go through the processes; both grievance wise and EEO wise. I would be very willing to discuss my grievances, etc with you but wish to know your intent in using the information.

  21. Richard C Baerlocher on

    Portland P&DC got Mark Conway from Seattle, WA after he had screwed up in Spokane and in Alaska. Immediately after he arrived we began having labor/management problems. The NPMHU Local 315 and the Local APWu chapter united to present a grievance to Western region.
    We were visited by the Western region EEO, and the Western Region Postal inspectors. Nothing happened about the constant harrassement By Mark Conway.
    As a MailHandler I took on the additional task of trainer for the Surface Visibility System. There was times I needed to do this instead of my regular job! Conway was always on my backside. As a warehouse tractor operator, PIT, I moved more mail than anyone else in the facility. Conway took great pains to harrase me. I decided in June that I had had enough. I retired! The NPMHU is again attempting to get something done, this time the wanted to ask the supervisors about the harrassement, they would not talk to union officials. They had been told by Mark Conway and Lisa Shear, also from Alaska, do not talk to anyone from the unions. This is part of the ongiong campaign of harrassement going on within the Postal Service. Western Region has a lawsuit because of violations of FMLA and Americans with Disability Act violations. This is going to be heard in Federal Court in Denver in either January or February of 2010. This campaign of mistreatment is because of Sylvester Black, the current VP for the Western Region!

  22. Lots of people with lots of info! How about checking out the contracting side of postal waste! The VMF’s throw money away. Over one million a year for work we could do ourselves. That also would make great headlines! Lets keep mr. Potter accountable!

  23. Until Money that is paid out for grievances start showing up in the daily numbers of each office. Management does not care how much they pay out because all USPS cares about is numbers.

  24. Each office is different. The grievance activity in the offices is in direct proportion to the people skills of the managers. If the managers are brutal, and the local union enforces the CBA, then grievance activity will be high. Management would rather pay for time to file grievances and lose in many cases than pay out penalty time. Penalty time goes against the record, a grievance payout does not.


  26. sergio martinez on

    Here in Tallahassee P&D we have a big problem, because we deal with dumb managers who protect the laizy employees and punished the good ones, when we grieved for example a OT bypass, they keep bringing the same employee who just come to have lunch and cigars and get pay the OT, and we don’t get to come to do the OT. But found out that the real problem is they all family relative, and some how they get all the good benefits of it.
    The other big problem is the selll out of our branch president who makes deals with management, so we don’t get our grievances on time or not done at all.

  27. what good does it do to write about postal will do no one any good except a few to vent about the style of management that could care less about laws or legal contracts and laws. Why don’t you write about the floudering efforts of newspaprers to stay in business because of the competition experieced by the post office with the internet.

  28. Robert Todd Moriconi on

    I was a Branch Union President in Illinois for over 30 years….also a Union Arbitration Advocate and had many other titles over the years…..I am now retired. I loved working for the Postal Service for many years until a couple years before I retired. Mangers have reached a point where they simply do not care about moving mail and the service, which I was so proud of. They treat employees like dirt. Machines have replaced dedicated Mail Handlers and clerks uneccesarily. Management in a lot of areas, not everyplace, is simply a Good Old Boy Club, don’t belong, you won’t become a manager.

  29. The USPS Labor Grievance process could be very easily reduced if not eliminated simply by holding Supervisors and managers accountable for there actions. Supervisors and Managers have no accountability and as the old saying goes they gamble with other peoples money having nothing to loose. As a Craft Employee of the USPS if we were to cause a deliberate loss to the Postal Service we would be required to pay the expense. Simple as that.

  30. The place sucks to work at and recently had to leave after many years due to the BS. The unions drain the resources of the USPS for petty crap. I have worked in two other union shops and grievances were never submitted at the rate they currently are in the postal service. Management is pretty sad too, but is often forced to do more with less at any cost. First, postal employees should go out in the real world and work a job just for a couple weeks and would then realize they have it made and their job is good. Let’s face it folks, sorting and delivering mail is not rocket science! Second, privatize the place, have congress throw out the union contracts, and start over. Reset the pay scale, offer early outs to the people who have been around 30 plus years, and try to make some money just to break even. Lastly, if you bite the hand that feeds you too often, eventually you will starve. Have the garbage men, electric meter readers, and other carriers deliver the mail. Privatize the thing!

  31. The USPS denies stewards the time and doucuments to
    process grivevances. Some supervisors and managers abuse their authority , because they don’t give a damn and
    the Postmaster General John Potter don’t have the balls
    to control these violators of civil rights, constitutional rights,
    human rights, NLRB Laws etc. The nepotism and cronism
    needs to go also.

  32. Wow!!! I am a Rural Carrier and recently filed a grievance and it was a waste of my very “precious” time and Postal $$$. I could echo much of what I’ve read here. In my mind the “process” is not the problem, why it exists in the first place is. In the 16 years I’ve worked with the USPS here in Florida I have to tell you it’s like being back in High School! That might be a better story. How overwhelming numbers seem stuck in the ‘let’s get through today and go play, and party (managers and craft together)(talk about favoritism from your fishing buddy the OIC).’ ‘I don’t care about you and how my behavior cheats you.’ ‘I’m here to create chaos not manage the mail and do my job but you better do yours or I’ll write you up (I’ll tell the teacher on you) or find other ways to make you miserable.

    The sad part about all of this, and I read every one of your responses so far, is that these are real people not just USPS employees. These people have families (hopefully still intact) children, spouses, elderly parents and all the other responsibilities that go along with LIFE. They are all at the USPS so they can support their family, be a part of the community and be a contributing member of society.
    We’re not here to be degraded daily, set up for failure or put into harms way. Yet that is where most of us find ourselves. The person who said something about ‘these are good jobs’, they are right. Whats outside the USPS, unfortunately, is just as frightening.
    Thanks for raising the question. You’ve got the e-mail.

  33. I am the President of my Local, Chief Steward/Formal rep for the NALC. My local, last year, had the highest grievance/member percentage…anywhere. Contact me! You could write a book.

  34. I have file a grievance due to the post office new nrp program. that took me off the clock stated there was no work available for injured workers on the job. The carrier union is stateing they are back log so I am guessing my complaint will not be done in a timely matter. There is a class action law sue that it in place that may take years in the mean time people or un employed and family or suffering due to the post office supidicity.

  35. Im curious…which end you looking at here? the postal side..or the union side? The outcome of the entire greivance system is MOOt…even if you win…they will turn right around and do the same thing…again and again and again. It does not matter whether the system is flawed or works like a well oiled machine, accountability IS NOT THERE. The USPS wont hold up their end..and usually the union members wont enforce the other end…so the process is flawed to start with….or at least to my reasoning it is.

  36. edward sherman on

    My EEo was for harasment and costructive discharge. By the time I am paid off the Postal service will be out 700,00 plus dollars. The managers still work in San Rafael. Management could have settled for 10,000 dollars.

  37. If you don’t care what the outcome was then you don’t care and there are plenty of people like you in management. Don’t need the likes of you buddy.

  38. I’m willing to discuss and share with you what I know about the Postal Service’s labor grievance process. I am a Postal employee who have filed grievances against USPS. I can document the fact that I have filed grievances with California Area Local APWU since 2007 and they either were not filed in a timely manner, wasn’t processed above Step 1 with no action taken to correct the contractual violation, the Local President taking action with the Postmaster to cover up his falsifying charges against me, National APWU Executive turn a deaf ear to complaints from the membership about abuses at the Local APWU. If the member pursue the matter he/she is blackballed although they pay union dues. At time the treatment given the due paying members by it Union representatives is no better than that as given by Postal Management. There are some good manager and some good Union representatives. Lately I have not met too much of either lately. I was forced into the National Reassessment Process without being assessed and the Local Union allows it to occur by not processing my grievances complainting about the violations of the contract and rehabiliatation Act.

    Bring back the Union representation of yesteryears.

    William Scott

  39. I know in our office when i have filed grievances my new postmaster wants to settle the grievance before my union reps come in our office to discuss the grievances. If we know it won’t be settle in our office our union re4p just walks in to the district managers office and get the grievance settle right away then the postmaster has to settle. Since the new postmaster doesn’t like his poom in his business and he realized that our union is after him because we don’t take crap from this postmaster. We know he has lied about so many things so our union doesn’t take his crap

  40. SEE Paragraph 29. ABOVE……..Mark Conway was run out of the Boise P&DC before landing in Alaska on the postal reassignment of POSTAL Assholes Program. He is the poster child for the repeated reassignment of incompetent managers.

  41. I’m looking on how to file a grievance on how the Postal Service is not complying with Elm 546.142a

    injured works and not accommodated us and forcing NRP.

  42. Our management team goes against the ELM all the time and all they say is “This is how it’s going to be, if you don’t like it, file on it” Nice work environment…

  43. The postal workers can file all the grievances they want…but until management is required to abide by the final decision nothing gets done except filing the same grievance 10 or more times. A costly circle. Did you know it costs over $1000. to get 1 grievance to step 2.

  44. I’m a TE that was injured on the job and since the day after the injury I have been told I would be fired, I’ve been harassed by 2 supervisors and had one supervisor limiting my hours by stating that I was taking leave without pay when I was not. So I filed an EEOC complaint and a grievance for the hours shorted and 3 days later I was fired. What a sorry bunch of supervisors, thats why the Post Office is operating in the red. The supervisors have no formal education on how to be supervisors, they have no regard for employee rights and no leadership skills what so ever.

  45. TargetedCarrier on

    While on limited/light duty due to an OJI (and witnessed by a 204B) one of the MANAGERs punched me on the top of my head. The manager wanted to know why I was still on light/limited duty and I told him about my recently herniated/extruded cervical discs right before he came up behind me and punched my head. No violence in the workplace grievance filed because my Union President said ‘I didn’t know you wanted me to file a workplace violence grievance’. This manager continued to work, receive raises, bonuses, etc. I was release to go back to work years ago but USPS said my light/limited duty job no longer exists. Now going thru the NRP ringer. I just want my job back!

  46. I’m in a similar situation where my boss is a VP for a 66,000 employee global manufacturing firm. After my stepfather passed away, I had to make arrangements to move my disabled mother into my home. I’m a single mom with two young boys, so this wasn’t an easy year for me. I started suffering my chronic migranes that occurred daily, therefore seeked treatment from my doctor.

    My boss immediately became angry with me for taking vacation time for taking care of my mom and going to my doctor’s appt. She piled more work on me and critized my work every opportunity she got. Every meeting she would make me repeat her last words 3 times. Saying “Repeat it again, so I know you got it in your brain. Now say it again. Once more.” I’ve been in the corporate world for over 15 years and always received “exceeds” on my reviews and never had a problem with anyone I worked with.

  47. How about this ALL empoyees need to be accountable!!! So tired of free-loaders complaining about what they have to do, just shut your mouth and do your job!

  48. I won a half of million dollars from trhe going broke post office. If yo want to read about the decision, go to Branch 214 NALC, San Francisco. Look up EEO decisions, Sherman. I am now living my dream, because the Post Office would not settle for 10,000 dollars in back pay. Management told me I would never get nothing. I am in full pay status untill Dec. 2013. I am also collecting money from OWCP for my harassment

  49. I need someone here to help me please. I had my union file a grievance bc theP.O. is trying to fire me bc I was off of work with my newborn who was hospitalized. I ran out of FMLA while on maternity leave and was not covered during my sons hospital stay. Anyhow, my union is telling me that the grievance was denied and that they appealed it in step2 on April 14th…it is now May 25 2010 and the union tells me that they are waiting on the paper that says it was denied in Step 2. I mean seriously my union has been waiting on a paper that says denied for 2 months now. What is the time frame? I need help from someone please!!!!!!

  50. Need help STEPS!!! I was fired before probationary period. I got thrown on blind routes with late starts and they want me back at 5 p.m. I felt animosity with the postmaster at the very start and UNION did not do anything for me at all. I was called stupid and was the only Asian working in the premises. The postmaster refuse to reimburse me with trip/training cost while my classmates did not have any problems with theirs. The last time I deliver on a blind route I could not find a st. and supervisors can only tell me go North at 4:15 p.m. I called the office (5 o’clock due time) they yelled to bring the mail back. I got fired because I could not find a st. on a blind route.

  51. I work at Portland P&DC and I have seen and been a victim of harassment from my understandings of the laws under the EEOC act located here: (
    Making my job as a non-regular very intimidating and not comfortable. If I feel that my work place is not a safe work enviorment to work in, do I have the right to file such a complaint?

    Harassment including:
    Pages with meaningless task.
    Having my picture taken without my consent and being printed and handed out to employees with slide remarks made.
    Being stalked by a regular employee lookin for the slightist mis-conduct to report to the supervisor.
    Talking trash behind employee non-regulars.

    such things make my work enviorment very hostile to me, and the ones that are conducting such acts is a group leader and a 204b ( Temp supervisor when reg are absent ).

    what should I do, I have talked to another employee about such matters he is a regular and he has informed another supervisor in a diffrent craft about the matter.

    P.S the employees that are being harassed are casuals, who get no benefits, no time off, no sick leave, no insurance, nothing that a regular employee would get. The only thing that casuals get are a pay check and the time they work. And if they report to management about such acts they lose there job because they don’t have union protection. In my personal opinion casuals are the most mis-treated employees in the Post Office.

  52. Well, I filed an EEO and just had an pre-hearing with a AJ. My rep. did not file the proper paperwork in time and the AJ dismissed my right to a hearing due the paperwork. Eventhough the PO’s att. said she would give us a chance to provide it. Now, she gets to decide the case. Has does it usually work and does this mean my EEO is shot dead in the water? If I had the hearing I would have had sooo much evidence against mangement. Can I sue them civilily?

  53. I am a white female that has been sprayed in the face with lysol, hit with a ucart called racial slurs on a regular basis and have watched the great system do nothing but cover up for the station manger that illegally search my purse, the supervisor that has screamed in my face, write me up over retaliation and I could go on some more but the higher to the top you get and you think someones going to do something it gets worse they lie even more and my union the great rural carrier union did NOTING to help me at all GRIEVANCES EEOS not a thing… anybody have any suggestions, this is so unfair I have spent more time crying and getting sick it is crazy. I left for a month to get relief from stress and depression but now I am trying to get it approved still because they waited to late to turn it in to OWCP, isnt that against the law?

  54. I am a former mailhandler of over 18 total years of service who has been terminated after an arbitrary hearing was heard and decided against me. I was offered 6 Last Chance Agreements and turned down every single one. I have since filed an EEO with the USPS and it was dismissed. I appealed the USPS’s decision to appeal and I won my appeal. I now see that it makes the USPS very angry to file on OSHA Whistleblower case against them and also filing an EEO makes them more angry but I dont care I am innocent. I further have information to believe the agency deliberately hired a USPS attorney to preside over my hearing of discipline and the union that represented me allowed this to happen. So in closing I will respond by saying I have no faith in the system and have every faith that the right people including the 2 appeals I have filed to do the right thing on my behalf and I am well on my way to succeeding in my fight. I would also like to point out to the person whom owns this website is very nice for dong this for all USPS employees and may contact me via the email addy I have left for him or her.

  55. I am usps widow , letter carrier craft, been thru the mill on his death, became only letter carrier due to non replacement of retirees, fought for that in grievance and won ( which should of gone on in nalc manual for case study and thereby effect every carrier going thru this concurrently) then had grievance proceedure as final act, which labor had written up to pm, one month before he filed grievance, so had full knowledge of memoradum he filed on, then retaliated for grievance, illegal against a nalc steward, removed his casual in illegal way 3 weeks before food drive weekend where he was forced to work short handed due to illegal removal and died next day,according to 1974 case in philipines, aggravation of and underlying condition ( hypertension) in any small way on the job is compensational, they did a nalc report after he died, in report stated he was never understaffed, never had essesive ot, and never called his union. the lawyer was on board of medical, no doctor would sign off for owcp, said there was no casual relation to work even though had medical records. the lies are rampant, over a death of usps letter carrier who never took a sick day in 17 years. His last grievance is what gets me, when labor had the memoradum and was discussing it in entirety before he even filed and had full knowledge, and denied it and punished him for filing a grievance.

  56. carrier rural on

    Why are supervisors harrassing employees after being ill. Due to the nice Flu bug. Got doctors excuse stating days that I was ill. To all employees make sure it say you were incapacitated. This was still not good enough and had to talk to supervisor about attendance. Was told sick time was a privilege and not a right. I earn the time and have enough to be out for over 5 months. You fill bad enough being ill and having to be away from work. Do not need the harrassment when returning.

  57. I hear your cries my good and faithful citizens of this USPS hybrid of the original USPO. Our greivances began with the reorganization act of 1970. This Act waived the rights of all federal employees to have a voice in this gov’t and allowed the so-call Union to represent you. We all have been hood-winked, meaning conned. You must not allow the Union to represent you in anyway. You have the right to address all issues concerning managements actions directly. This action will financially cause the EEOC, USPS board of governors, PM-General and others to now prove their case against you by providing the “material facts” of their actions against you. All those who are in managerial positions are just “CARRIERS” who are not really managers according to the meaning of Management. These hired 204-B have not given up their carrier position nor have they re-filed a New Contract with the USPS to be managers. This is why they are moved about like the mail from facility to facility without any actions taken against them. They are the eyes and ears of the USPS headquarters and acting agents for them. They have sold their souls for three pieces of silver. I am showing you that Management and the so-called Union Representatives are both letter Carriers which is a conflict of interest since neither of them will provide you with their application of being newly rehired under the auspices of what they say they represent nor will they fight for or in the best interest of you. NEVER ALLOW THEM AGAIN TO GO BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AND BE YOUR JUDGE AND JURY. If you don’t believe me, check out what I am saying for yourself. The USPS is still under the laws of Congress and it was congress who granted the USPO to “create post offices and post roads” under the U.S. Constitution. By allowing the Union and management to continue play this game, you will always lose! Do not give your shopsteward any statement regarding discipline, you can answer them for yourself within the specified time and arbitrarily handle your case face to face with the EEOC, judge, and management. Test my theory and see that it is factual.
    thank you all for your undivided attention!!! Wake up out of the Matrix ( Management Tricks)

  58. This answer is for “Rural carrier” number 70. You must realize that you don’t have to conform to what managements think is appropriate or valid. They do not have the last or even the first say as to what “ill” means or if you indeed needed their approval for being out sick. Let them prove you weren’t and also, you have the right to submit them with the bill for your medicine and visit to the doctors office and receive you co-pay. If they requested documentation from you and you provided it, they have to reimburse you were out less than three days. Your stewards will not reveal this information to you because he’s secretly on their side. Kick him to the curb and pick up a NALC manual and study it. Ask your steward about this answer

  59. The 30 hour OSHA training courses are designed to train employers as well as employees from the general and construction industries. If you are an employer, you will prove your commitment towards the safety of your workers and towards building and maintaining the reputation of your organization if you sign up for an OSHA 30 hour training course.

  60. I just filed a grievance (8190) on 4/08/11 with my local president Westchester/Putnam district . This was against supervisor for yelling and creating hostile environment in the street while delivering mail. I yet to see any hearing… i recently was fired by the same supervisor

  61. once a grievance is filed why is so hard to find out how it is progressing. is there a website to inquire about this?

  62. !7 years as a city letter carrier has taught me alot about the inner workings of the USPS. The problems are endless, mostly due to a directive from upper mgmt. The USPS does not care about people, safety, rules, etc., until they can be used as tools for intimidation and discipline. When you treat your employees like dogs, they will give an effort of minimum standards. Specifically citing my current mgr.,I have seen harrassment of epic proportions almost on a daily basis. Yet, this mgr. is touted as one of the finest. There is no reprimand for lying, vindictive behavior against mgmt., therefore, it continues unabated. As employees, we demand to be treated equally! This doesn’t happen. Most managers could not manage a lemonade stand much less a US Postal facility. They have no mgmt. or education experience and putting these people in charge of 30-75 adults is absurd! The one thing managers do have is the POWER to threaten and discipline. The abuse of this POWER is, in my opinion, the single most detrimental issue in creating an extremely hostile work environment and hence, waste and lack of productivity. If mgmt. would show respect for their employees, treat all employees the same, perform actual beneficial functions in the delivery of mail, stop lying and harrassing good people, and work as a team with a mutual goal, then, and only then, will they get the respect they believe is owed. Alas, that’s one gigantic IF!

  63. Steven Sinkewicz on

    I am a postal employee. My wife had a brain andurysm 6 years ago. Since then to help with ther medical bill, I submitted my name on the overtime list. My complaint is with the treatment I reciave from my union steward.
    She has told me that to take my wife to the doctors on my days off I must take the day before off

  64. Steven Sinkewicz on

    he showed me the rule. I told her that I just can’t give my days anyway because I need them for my wife. She told me “too bad. Your wife illness doersn’t matter; A rule is a rule. You would be cheating me out of overtyime. I research the rule myself and found out that it was up to the Postmaster. for three years The postmaster took my wife condidtion as serious enough and did not enforce this rule

  65. Steven Sinkewicz on

    A new postmaster came into our office And didn’t know the rule. I tried to explain it to him. One day I was suppose to come in for overtime My wife feeding tube broke. I had to call in. I took my wife to the ER and spent 10 hours there. I My union steward came up to ne the next day and said that this was bullshit. If it happen again that they will write me up.

  66. Steven Sinkewicz on

    I agree. I was a little angree with what was said that day and probably wasn’t pleasent myself. I wewnt to to postmaster to complain. Well that didn’t go anywhere cause 9 months later after my wife went to the ER again on my day off. My union steward saw the need to make a example of me . She put in a grivance for treathing her. Which I never did. Anyway my post master wrote me up/

  67. Steven Sinkewicz on

    My wife again went to the hospital a few weeks ago. I almost lost her. ?She now has to under go a lot of test. I was told by my postermaster that if it happens onmy days off I must next another day off. My union steward will put in a grievance. I am now off the overtime list. After the last 3 year of threats, lies and herassment by my union and now by management I that no one cares anymore. I am alone and will not get any help.

  68. Seems like most of the issues involve treatment by management towards their employees or a bug up someones kesiter. As a union steward I know the delays in justice, the misgivings by our members who don’t know how the grievance system works. To be honest its tough knowing how every members grievance is at, at any given time. How about the calls at any and every time of day or night?
    This said, some of the issues are people with an axe to grind for losing their grievance or just plain angry at management for the way they were treated and now say its someone’s elses fault. Not meaning management played a hand only that we must accept our own faults and not blame others.
    Our system is set up to fire you if you miss work for a serious illness (if you run out of FMLA). How can we fix it?

  69. I have been employeed as a clerk for 26 years. I was fired for AWOL and excessive absences. Well I went through the grievence system, and the union and management and arbitrator screwed me over. According to our own labor manual AWOL, is not to be cited for FMLA related cases. I left work on a Tuesday in an abulance, and didn’t return until four days later, I was charged AWOL for the next day for no call no show. Mind you if an ambulance was called for me the day before in an abulance they were nofified I would not be in the next day. Day one three and four was not cited. Well management and union said it was not FMLA because I requested annual leave. The excessive absenses was for latness and approved annual which I requested early leave from work. The latenesses never happened. records show I clocked in on time, but management deleted them and put them in to show lateness for the purpose of termination . Arbitrator over looked management misconduct and forgery, and agreed that my leave from work was not FMLA condition, and returned me to work, but no back pay for the year and half that I was out of work. The grievence system is a scam.

  70. i am looking to file a grievance now against my office for not paying my leave time and placing t.e.’s b4 ptf’s. can you help me out. i added my email. thank you,.. my shop stewart doesnt do **** and i am in branch 38 for nacl.

  71. I have discovered the item slightly rare to find computer system components while not having to get full laptops as well as carrying them all separate personally. . I have to commence my own company when using the personal computer portions, however you imagine obtain the computer areas (your little friend areas)? We have tried out my own area recycling core with zero success.. I am near getting in touch with an established computer system craftsperson in addition to cosigning to their business enterprise. . . Anyone with strategies or perhaps information?.

  72. I have had to file a grievance a few months back and then called the union about a month ago with issues concerning the matrix and how us rural carriers were getting messed over on work. Now as of today, I am needing to file another grievance because postmaster not going by the matrix and seniority and causing me to miss a day of work by giving work to another with less seniiority. Will answer any questions if it helps.

  73. I filed a grievance, against my office for not paying me for my holiday paid, which i was schd. to work, and i worked. It’s now been almost 1 year, that i’ve been separated from the P.O.. Is there anything i can do????

  74. Elaine Maxilom on

    I am looking for a grievance filed and won or any article that states 2 clerk staffing for DBCS. I looked and cannot find it. Thank You Very Much, If it is out there! How do I beable to get a hold of it.

  75. Going Postal on

    I am waiting for someone to go postal! It’s about time and then the non usps people will see once again how great it is to work for the usps!

  76. Just recently it was noticed that 2 of our routes were getting credit for boxes that were never there. One route overcounted close to 60 boxes, both routes were being held down by RCA’s, one of which is the shop stewart. The Postmaster was made aware of it, and did not correct it. The routes made out good during mail count, and the carriers have been getting paid for the extra boxes. Now that someone else noticed it has been corrected, but what about the 2 RCA’s and the Postmaster that stole money frome the Post Office, nothing will be done to them. All three should loose their jobs, but who will right the wrong, when the shop stewart and the Postmaster were involved.

  77. USPS is abusing the people, they feel they are above the law, and no normal laws apply to them, they are free to sexually harass there employees, fire them, and EEO retaliation is one of the main focus, they supervisors get a kiss on the cheek if they do something wrong, and keep there job, and nothing happens, been through it and going through it

  78. the UNION is the same, in the company pockets, they dont give a rats butt about the members nor do they help you. If they dont personally like u they wont do crap to help you. THE SNDC is the worst. the union sucks, the management sucks, and the policies NEVER GET enforced. ITS a free for all

  79. My postmaster was booted from his position elsewhere and now we have him. I caught him talking about me in a negative way to someone on the phone and it was about using rca’s instead of me to avoiding giving me the time and getting his bonus. who do I turn to ? EAP was usless.

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