No. 2 Justice official resigns


Deputy Attorney General David Ogden announced today that he will leave the Justice Department on Feb. 5 to return to private practice.

Odgen joined the department in March, having previously chaired the Obama Administration’s transition team for the department.

In a statement issued by the department, Odgen said he always intended to return to private practice after helping to get the department on the right footing to carry out its law enforcement duties.

Odgen said senior leaders have bolstered the department’s efforts with new resources and initiatives, including task forces and working groups to fight financial crime, combat health care fraud, fight Mexican cartels and battle international organized crime. The department has also worked to protect national security interests by participating in counter-terrorism investigations, working to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and developing new policies for lawful interrogations. Justice also has restored its relationship with state and local law enforcement agencies.

Through our work in each of these areas, the goals I hoped to achieve when I accepted this position either have been or soon will be fulfilled. The department is in good hands, and I feel I can now return to the private practice I have missed these 13 months.

Deputy assistant attorney general Gary Grindler will take over for Odgen on an acting basis until a permanent successor is named, the Washington Post reported.


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