Comment of the Day: 'Talk Nerdy To Me'

Future NRC engineers?

Future NRC engineers?

I have to take my hat off to FedLine commenter “Still another NRC engineer,” who just posted what may be the best comment in our blog’s thirteen-month history: A Poison parody called “Talk Nerdy To Me.”

This was his response to the heated discussion sparked last week on our blog post “The NRC Dating Service?” (And for those not familiar with Nuclear Regulatory Commission terminology, “EDO” is the acronym for the agency’s Executive Director of Operations.)

The original “Talk Dirty To Me” video can be found here — sing along as you’re waiting for your agency to let you go home early today. (Remember to yell for CC just before the guitar solo — that’s important.)

You know I never

Thought about the EDO

The problems at the EEO

But I like you!

And I know you like me too

We’re in perfect harmony

And so regulatory

Oh yes we are

They told me

Told me there’d be benefits

But never benefits like this

What incentives!

And I know you like them too

And all your Values true

And so regulatory

‘Cause baby we’ll be

At the office

In the NRC

At the All Hands

“Hey baby I’m a PhD”

It’s not PC, but

Close the breakroom door

And baby

Talk Nerdy to Me!

UPDATE: One of the commenter’s nuclear-themed jokes went right over my head at first. He credited the song to “Burnable Poison,” which according to Wikipedia is a material loaded into a nuclear reactor core “to control large amounts of excess fuel reactivity without control rods.” Nice touch.


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