New procurement rules hit the street


The group that crafts the Federal Acquisition Regulation has been hard at work. Today the FAR Council published seven new, interim or final rules in the Federal Register to enact congressional mandates. They are:

  1. A final rule limiting the term of a  non-competitive contracts awarded during an emergency response to one year.
  2. A final rule granting Government Accountability Office auditors and investigators the right to interview contractor employees.
  3. An interim rule requiring that contract award fees be tied to positive outcomes.
  4. An interim rule limiting what charges contractors can pass along to the government from their subcontractors.
  5. An interim rule governing when services bought only by the government can be considered commercial.
  6. An interim rule establishing a registry of disaster response contractors to provide rapid response following an emergency.
  7. A final rule amending the National Response Framework by eliminating the term “incidents of national significance.”

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