Andy Rooney on Postal Service woes


America’s one and only public crank, Andy Rooney, weighs in on the Postal Service’s plan to close hundreds of post offices (h/t Ed O’Keefe). He hates the idea:

There’s definitely a generational gap here: People of Rooney’s age have a sentimental attachment to the mail that just doesn’t exist in younger generations. And obviously that stems from how frequently each group uses the mail. My grandparents still send me hand-written letters. My friends? Not so much. They rarely go to their post office, so they don’t have any sentimental attachment to the place. (If Gmail were shut down, on the other hand, they’d be marching in the streets in protest.)

The Postal Service is scheduled to release its updated list of post office closures later this week, by the way. It will probably be far smaller than the original list presented to Congress in August.


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