Fewer post offices on the chopping block


Bloomberg says the Postal Service has pared back the list of post offices that it’s considering for closure. Only 413 facilities are on the chopping block now — down from nearly 3,600 on the original list, and close to 1,000 that we reported on last month.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to post some of the e-mails I’ve received in regards to the Postal Service’s recent buyout offer. I appreciate all of your feedback; I don’t have time to respond to every e-mail, but I do read them all. I’ve copied a few e-mails (without names) after the jump.

One employee accepted an early retirement offer earlier this year — with no incentive — and said he felt like he’d been stabbed in the back.

So, I and a few thousand employees took an early retirement within the last few months, the Postmaster General said there was no money for incentives, and NOW, with the USPS losing money ever since, they have found money for incentives? How on earth does this make ANY

Many of you seemed to agree — here’s another reader:

I was offered an early retirement without an incentive, my offical retirement date was March 1, 2007. I was told that there would never be a early retirement offer with an incentive. But now two years six months to date there are early retirement offers with incentives.

Another reader says the $15,000 penalty won’t be enough to offset the early retirement penalty (a 2% per year deduction to your annuity for every year you’re under 55):

I would not take a penalty. I recommend USPS employees wait for a no penalty offer or just wait till it is your time. I waited and I am glad I did. There was an offer in 2005, I know several people who took it for many reasons, however some are having to work to supplement their income. Two guys say they are bored and need something to do. I am so busy I don’t know how I had time to work (those 34 years).


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