Americans okay with 5-day


That’s the conclusion from a new Gallup survey, which found two-thirds of Americans support allowing the Postal Service to switch to 5-day mail delivery to help fix its financial problems. 14 percent said they strongly favor the idea; 52 percent favor it.

There’s less support for other cost-cutting measures: Only 11 percent of Americans would favor closing their local post office, for example. (2 percent are “strongly in favor” of it; I’d love to know who those people are…)

But here’s the one that really interested me: 48 percent of Americans — a surprisingly high number — are okay with providing federal funding for the Postal Service (which hasn’t received appropriated funds in decades).

Expect the Postal Service to tout the results on Capitol Hill over the next few months as it continues to cajole Congress on the 5-day issue. Legislators are coming around to the idea — slowly — as the Postal Service slides deeper into financial crisis. A $6 billion deficit, it seems, helps to focus the mind.


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    i have 26 years employment with the post office and have seen more waste and mismanagement in the past three years than in all my career
    a “bailout” is appropriate, the postal ship is sinking
    Why continue to support a mangement system where personal prejudice affects professional performance and rewards the chosen on the basis of personality not production or performance
    The old POD (Post Office Department) could provide dependable service at a reasonable price with an accountability to congress. The USPS spends like there is no bottom to our pockets. From sending executivs and mgrs to the Olympics in Spain, supporting Lance Armstrong to buying $500 fax traffic signal for small post office workroom floor (remind carriers of safety – more accidents since purchase than before) or $500 bulletin board in break room (comes with $140/mo contract for small posters to display in it)

    Have we decided as a Nation to reward mismanagement??

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