House may consider resolution on USPS


The House of Representatives may soon send a message to the United States Postal Service — you’d better deliver the mail six days a week.

Facing falling revenues, the USPS has suggested a series of cutbacks, including eliminating Saturday mail service.

That didn’t set well with four representatives, who introduced HRes 173 Friday: “A resolution expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States Postal Service should take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of its 6-day mail delivery service.”

The resolution, sent to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is sponsored by Reps. Samuel Graves, R-Mo.; Nick Rahall, D-W.Va.; Chris Smith, R-N.J.; and Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.


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  1. I think these Congressmen should get their head out of the sand. The mail volume has declined , and not coming back. The general public does not care if they get 6 days or 5 day delivery. They care about rates and services going up. If I am correct, the Postal Service can lay off anybody with less then 6 years of service. I can see this making Headlines, Postal Employees getting laid off due to lack of mail. I guarantee these guys in Congress won’t be there next term. They have no clue on what goes on between postal walls.

  2. I do have a clue, and yes rates and services are extremely important, but the yes the general public does care about 6 day delivery. Do you think USPS competiors will agree to canceling thoer 6 day delivery? This is another attempt by PMG Potter to give away another slice of the store before his much anticipated departure this spring. Another testamnent of his give away mentality is the lastest rate increase. Check closely and see who bears the the burnt of the increase, the general public. While ” work sharing” of USPS competiors continues to reap the most benefits.

  3. showman1 : the competiors don’t work 6 days a week the are off on Saturday. Some do offer a extemely expensive fee if you want that service from them. They don’t even compare to the usps. When did ever or will you send anything through any of the competiors for .42 cents try fed ex $9.32 from one to the other end of my 2 mile town. UPS try 18.79 same distance. If post office gets rid of Sat it will save about 3.2 billion dollars. $550 million if closes some of these small offices that lose money every year.

  4. bill_grainge on

    No delivery on Saturday? Absolutely!! Prior to WW II, mail was delivered eleven times a week, by the same carrier. With the war, it was reduced to one a day for six days. We survived!! It is time to bring USPS into the real world. All employees to work five days a week and no need to have thousands of extra employees to cover days off. Think of all the offices closed on Saturday and still have mail delivery.
    Eliminate the deficit by being a five day a week business!!
    Close on Saturday and start a new, profitable venture

  5. Hey you idiots getting rid of saturday delivers has nothing to do with the low mail volume they are trying tosave managment jobs heres a question there is a new thing called DPS FLAT SORTING MACHINES THAT THEY ARE INSTALLING IF THE MAIL VOLUME IS DOWN WHY ARE THEY INVESTING 100’S OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON MAIL THAT IS DECLINING THINK ABOUT IT they mounted routes over the years giving carriers there own vehicles then why are they spendeing 150million dollars on gas a year relays was working just fine think about it heres another one if they have scans to track us why are they spending millions on gps and you people think its a good idea for them to get rid of saturdays cause management says so please wake up

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