Live-blogging Barack Obama's inauguration


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At noon today, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the nation’s 44th president. We’ll be providing live updates via Twitter from our three reporters at the inauguration. Rebecca is in the official press section; Steve has tickets to the swearing-in ceremony; Gregg is roaming around on the National Mall. (The last 5 updates from each reporter will display here.)

Stephen Losey

  • I’m signing off now–getting anywhere the parade seems impossible so I’m headed to the metro. Thank you ror reading!2 days ago
  • some feel lowery went too long–overheard: “it’s a benedection,not a sermon”2 days ago
  • Navy sea chanters singing anthem–crowd joining2 days ago
  • Can’t hear a thing poet Elizabeth Alexander is saying2 days ago
  • “let us brave once more the icy currents.”2 days ago

Gregg Carlstrom

  • A restless and cold crowd on the Mall!2 days ago
  • The musical program just started. Looks like the crowd stretches all the way back past the Washington Monument.3 days ago
  • Cell coverage is getting a little spotty. Parade route is full, and the 7th Street Mall entrance is closed.3 days ago
  • Here’s the obligatory “it’s cold out here” post.3 days ago
  • A railroad conductor (and former Hillary supporter) hopes Solis will strengthen the rail unions.3 days ago

Be sure and check back after the ceremony, too, for stories and photography from the inauguration and the parade.


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