Protecting the national pastime


Baseball may be the national pastime, but this seems a little extreme.

A new report (pdf) from the Justice Department’s inspector general found that a U.S. Marshals lawyer, Joseph Band — who was moonlighting as a statistician for FOX Sports — arranged for the Marshals to escort the limousines of FOX’s baseball announcers (Joe Buck and Tim McCarver) after two 2007 World Series games.

They then led McCarver’s limousine out of the Fenway Park area in a two-car motorcade… they had their emergency lights on as they were attempting to work their way out of the immediate area of Fenway Park. They said that McCarver’s limousine broke away at a nearby Four Seasons hotel and that Band directed them to drive him back to Fenway Park, where they dropped Band off and returned to the USMS office.

[The marshal] did not understand why Band had sent them to the game and said that he had never done a detail like this in his 23 years…

Band also arranged an escort for Buck and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman after a 2008 NFL playoff game in Tampa.


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