Donations from feds skew towards Obama


This has been an astoundingly expensive presidential campaign — more than $1 billion spent since the primaries.

How much did federal employees contribute? We decided to take a look at the donor database for both candidates.

Barack Obama seems to have the fundraising edge among feds: his donations outpaced John McCain’s by about 13 percent.

Defense Department employees contributed nearly half of the total amount donated by feds — not surprising, since Defense is by far the largest federal agency. The Agriculture Department seems to have contributed the least: just $250 for Obama, and nothing for McCain.

The agency-by-agency numbers are after the jump.

Department Obama McCain
Agriculture 250 0
Commerce 3,550 6,800
Defense 45,675 66,539
Education 5,300 3,300
Energy 3,250 13,250
Health and Human Services 13,800 4,400
Homeland Security 5,650 13,401
Housing and Urban Development 550 0
Interior 1,300 5,251
Justice 43,316 12,546
Labor 1,000 4,100
State 48,900 37,000
Transportation 2,131 1,500
Treasury 4,900 1,000
Veterans Affairs 17,209 2,450
Total 196,781 171,537

One caveat: These numbers aren’t 100% comprehensive, because the campaigns don’t have to report information on donors who give less than $200.


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