The petition to give feds the day after Christmas off has failed


Well if you wanted to spend Dec. 26 relaxing at home or with family without having to use a vacation day then you are probably bitterly disappointed this chilly day in November.

A petition asking President Obama to use his executive power to give feds the day after Christmas off failed to gain enough signatures to get a response from the administration. A petition needs to reach 100,000 signatures before the time limit in order to get a response.

So how many did this petition get? Well, this reporter wasn’t up at midnight checking the website, but last time he did check it was up around 98,000 signatures. So close.



But hey, there is nothing stopping someone else from starting yet another petition to do the same thing (Any takers? Anyone?) and if someone does shoot me the link and I will post it on the blog.

In the mean time, I will ask the White House if they just might respond anyways. Maybe feds will still get some good news.


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