5 Federal Times stories you might have missed last week , but should probably get to


We are all very busy people constantly strapped for time in an increasingly complex world. And all too often stuff falls through the cracks. But lucky for you I made a list of some of our stories from last week that you might want to read, just in case you didn’t get a chance to.

1. Years of budget cuts have pushed federal hiring to its lowest levels in almost 10 years, with nearly every agency seeing drastic drops in new employees. Which careers and agencies have seen the  biggest drops? Check out the story to see.


2. After eight years of trying the government has finally reached its small business contracting goal – although results were a bit more mixed at the agency level.


3. A new bill would roll back the pension contribution increases passed by Congress over the last few years.


4.Service-disabled veterans who get jobs in the federal government might get some sick leave off the bat to help deal with service injuries, instead of having to wait to build up some sick leave.


5. Congress finally got together and passed a large piece of legislation that would boost funding at the VA for medical care for veterans. But at the same time they reduced some of the protections for members of the Senior Executive Service.



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