Report shows where CFC pledges go


By all accounts, pledges to the 2013 Combined Federal Campaign are going to be down by tens of millions of dollars in comparison with the 2012 CFC. This is, of course, money that mostly goes to charities. But which charities benefit from federal employee giving (and could thus see a falloff in contributions)?

The Office of Personnel Management does not collect that information. Instead, the Workplace Giving Alliance, a Massachusetts-based coalition of CFC federations, decided to do the job on its own, compiling pledge information for the last three years from most local campaigns and then extrapolating to fill in the gaps.

In a report released a few months ago, here’s what the group found: Among national and international charities, the biggest CFC beneficiary in the 2012 season was the American Red Cross, which received more than $7 million in pledges. Runner-up was St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which got about $6.7 million, following by the Wounded Warrior Project, with about $5 million. In general, health, religious, veterans, education and animal-related charities did well; you can read the full report here.





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  1. That’s not exactly where the money goes. Most of it goes to administration and advertising, to salaries, parties, dinners, ballgames for associates, and a large amount just simploy disappears into various financial accounting black holes that OPM Inspector Generall accountant/auditors are far too uneducated to understand. That’s why charity administrators, particularly at Children’s Charities openly mock them when they appear to conduct a “Mcfarland” audit. It’s interesting to see the Red Cross listed as the largest recipient of CFC charity funds. If you will remember 9/11. the Red Cross was unable to account for the use of tens of millions of dollars of donor contributions. And in the CFC days of Oral Suer, United Giving Campaign Coordinator, so many millions disappeared into property, lavish homes, boats, and cars while OPM squeezed the last penny out of it’s agency capos. OPM and it’s IG are both incompetent and corrupt.

  2. Mr. Huffman could NOT be further from the truth. Having an axe to grind so deeply with so little knowledge is pretty pathetic.

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