Postal Service, mailers poised to challenge exigent rate decision


In granting a emergency postal rate hike last month, the Postal Regulatory Commission left both sides unhappy: The mailing industry, represented by an umbrella group known as the Affordable Mail Alliance, was displeased that the five-member commission agreed to any increase above the inflation rate; U.S. Postal Service leaders were frustrated that the boost will be temporary, ending once $2.8 billion is raised.

Now, the two camps are both preparing to appeal the decision in court. The Postal Service will file its challenge with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit by Thursday’s deadline, spokesman Dave Partenheimer said in a Wednesday email, while proceeding with implementation of the increase on Jan. 26 (this coming Sunday), as previously announced. Also on Thursday, the mailers alliance will file an intent to appeal the commission’s decision, an industry source said.




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  2. The big mailers should stop wasting their money. They have been subsidized for years by 1st class mail. With 1st class disappering, the big mailers have to pay their own way. Taking the PRC to court is a lost cause as well as trying to reverse the coming price increases. If the Post Office can not charge what it takes to deliver the mail, there will be no service left to deliver their product.

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