GovLoop launches morale-builder for non-essential feds


Let’s face it: Being designated a non-essential (non-excepted is the officially preferred, if seldom used phrasing) federal employee during a government shutdown can be a bummer, particularly since it means a no-pay furlough.

To buck up feds’ spirits, the online networking site GovLoop has started a “You Are Essential” campaign that hands out free stickers and suggests that participants mobilize their Facebook pages in support. As of late Monday, almost 500 people had signed up, GovLoop founder Steve Ressler said in an email. You can find more information on the campaign here.



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  1. I’m too busy interviewing for a new job to have any time to log on to this website.

    The private sector seems to think I’m essential, given the salary offers I’ve received. I guess engineers are still quite in demand.

  2. Let’s see what Mid Year FY 14 looks like for the Federal Employee Roll Count. Perferct time of the year for many different options within.

    ReOrganization, Early Out type Option (with/without) Incentive. Like the Post Office is currently doing with those Supervisors and Postmasters QTR 1 FY 14
    Yes, I know their a Quasi Government Organization.

    All the Best to the Government Employees

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