House members press for Senate action on back-pay bill


Two Virginia lawmakers are seeking quick Senate action on legislation that would assure back pay to furloughed federal employees once the partial government shutdown ends. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., passed the House last Saturday 407-0, but has stalled in the Senate, where Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, has voiced reservations about a fast-track vote.

In a Friday letter, Moran and Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., the bill’s lead Republican co-sponsor, urged Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to work with their “respective caucuses to overcome any objections to advance this important legislation.”



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  1. My paycheck (reduced to 56 hours) will be in Tuesday, so what do I say when I cant pay my bills, provide for my family?
    Sorry Mr. Creditor, I work for our government! ,,,,,What a disgrace.

  2. I am sorry for what is happening to you but I do not support back pay for furloughed employees. No work No pay. You did have advance notice to plan accordingly, which is more than most Americans when they get laid off. They shut it down because they could. Do like congress and don’t worry about your creditors they don’t. Children trying to win, us against them – there is no “We” in America any more. Suck it up and ride it out. Enjoy your unplanned vacation and spend some quality time with your family.

  3. Ms. Want Paycheck on

    Looks like I’ll have to get my unemployment claim filed. Gotta make my mortgage. We’re all sitting on our own budget issues at home and stressing and they’re ignoring this bill? Nuts. I have classified them all as non-essential.

  4. @V Mathews: 99-percent of high-level professional services employees in the private sector have severance package clauses included in their contracts. This entitles those private sector employees to be entitled to a severance package if they are unilaterally discontinued from employment for an extended period of time. These severance packages are worth upwards to four pay periods per every year that individual was with the company.

    You are incorrect in that we had advanced notice. I was informed that I had two hours to complete any work required prior to leaving for the day, and to take any personal effects. Is one day an adequate timeframe to furlough a loyal and hardworking employee?

  5. @ V. Mathews;
    Unlike the administrative furloughs earlier in the year, these emergency furloughs don’t come with any more than a day or less notice.

    I don’t know where or how you base your comment regarding private sector layoffs. Every fellow engineer I know who is employed in the private sector and who, at one time or another was laid off received a fairly generous severance package. In fact, one colleague was just let go last Friday with a severance package that included nearly a year’s salary.

    As far as not paying furloughed workers–I can almost agree especially in today’s fiscal environment. That said, I think it should be a crime to expect anyone, military included to work without getting paid. A short term disruption is one thing. Anything longer than a week should result in every single government employee staying home. This includes military personnel stateside and at overseas bases. Naval vessels should immediately return to port. Doing this would certainly provide the impetus congress appears to lack in resolving these perennial issues.

  6. My paycheck hit the bank! Less than $53.00. Yes that decimal point is in the right spot. I am fortunate to be one of the Feds still working but have no idea when my next paycheck will be. So it doesn’t matter if your furloughed or not you still don’t get paid. Congress isn’t facing this, they will be able to pay their bills, the rest of us are just expected to suck it up.
    Lets end their checks and see how quickly they respond.

  7. @V. Matthews; I have decided that just to make a point, V Matthews should starting tomorrow be laid off. He should not be told when or if he can return to work, but should not take another job because we expect him to be available when we decide we’ve made our point. Oh, and we won’t pay him while he isn’t working because hey, he is not working. He also should give back any pay raises over the last three years because I assume he makes too much. If he doesn’t like this too bad because he is probably a lazy leech.

    Still seem fair V. Matthews?

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