Anti-robocall contestant taking on FTC


When David Frankel’s idea didn’t win a $50,000 Federal Trade Commission competition seeking the public’s ideas on combating illegal robocalls, he wanted to find out why.

So he called. He wrote. He even filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FTC. And soon enough, the records he received back convinced him that the FTC’s competition this year was basically a PR stunt.

This week, the California entrepreneur went to court to make his case, which you can read about on Federal Times, but it’s also worth taking a look at the email exchanges between Frankel and federal officials as he embarked on a frustrating search for answers.

“While I realize that in one dimension you consider me an adversary and you’d like me to go away, I think that you also realize that I am truly trying to contribute to solving the robocall problem …” Frankel wrote in one such exchange.


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