CFC hearing postponed


Well, perhaps your humble FedLine correspondent should have held off on the previous Combined Federal Campaign post. The reason? We’ve just gotten confirmation that Wednesday’s hearing has been rescheduled until July 10. The reason is a conflict with a House Judiciary Committee markup session, according to a spokeswoman for the subcommittee’s chairman, Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas.


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  1. Why even bother? Why not just eliminate the CFC and all the bloated overhead it carries? Federal employees are free to donate directly to any charity of their choice, in any amount desired.

    CFC is an outdated dinosaur that needs to die. Far too much official time is spent on this useless crap that does NOTHING for any agency’s mission. Funding is too tight to allow non-mission related BS to demand time (which is money) from federal employees.

  2. Grumpy (like many who complain along these lines) doesn’t understand workplace giving or the role it plays as a benefit of employment. Several corporations include workplace giving in their benefits package as a means of attracting quality employees. Studies show that workplace giving provides numerous benefits to the employees as well as to the company. Grumpy fails to recognize the ease with which a fed can give to a charity. I, for one, appreciate the ability to give to a charity once a year. I can increase my gift b/c someone else takes care of payments throughout the year.

    Grumpy, like so many Feds, has forgotten the point of the CFC as an employee benefit. While federal resources should not be used to the benefit of external entities, they SHOULD (within reason) be used for the betterment of the workforce and its employees. Corporate entities recognize this. The CFC is a dinosaur only insofar as people like Grumpy fail to recognize the government’s need to modernize while still being able to recruit, retain and honor a high quality workforce.

    In short, people who believe the CFC should go away (instead of reforming to efficiently serve today’s workforce) are the dinosaurs. Perhaps it’s people like Grumpy who should go away.

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