Feds: Do you still decorate your cubicle?


Congressional budget cuts have taken a chunk out of salaries, travel, office supplies and even the size of employee cubicles. But as agencies keep looking for ways to cut, they are turning increasingly to sharing workstations and implementing ‘hoteling’ solutions.

So for all you feds out there: Do you still decorate your cubicle? If you share your workstation do you still put up photos or do you leave them at home or keep it to Facebook?

Please feel free to chime in in the comments section, or email amedici@federaltimes.com.


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  1. Nothing. I have moved cubicles three times in the past year ala Office Space. Got tired taking down and moving all my stuff so I just leave it at home especially since we are going to go through a RIF.

  2. Midwest Girl on

    I have personal photos, plaques, certificates, and a calendar on display all year. I have holiday decorations that I put up seasonally. In my office it is common to bring back a key chain or postcard for the rest of the staff when we go on vacation, so most of us have a collection of these items on display as well.

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