What are you doing with your cubicle?


Agencies across the government are cutting space. They are shrinking cubicle sizes and they are promoting workstation-sharing along with more telework. More and more federal employees are giving up sole occupation of the traditional cubicle.

Have you given up yours? Have you been given then choice?

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  1. VA OIT Employee on

    My organization is currently “in limbo”. We moved to an “open” work environment (small work areas with 2.5 to 3.5′ tall partitions), about a year and a half ago. At the time of the move staff were told that we would be able to telework more due to the new environment. However, our one-day-per-week maximum telework policy has not changed. There were no concessions made for privacy in the way that the office is arranged (people are facing each other, and not just looking at the back of the person in front to them). Every word or click of the keyboard is heard clearly by numerous neighbors; every smell is smelled; and every document worked on and meal eaten is witnessed by everyone within 30 feet. There are no break rooms, and eating in conference rooms is not allowed, so lunching away from one’s desk is not a possibility for those who bring their lunches. While this open environment could be a productive one for people who work collaboratively, our staffs’ duties are diverse and do not call for collaboration. It has led to a lot of conflict and reduced productivity (yes, people still use speakers to “attend” video and teleconferences). It is not a comfortable environment in which to work. The staff would like for more telework days to be made available with the office space used for hoteling on days when there are meetings. This has been proposed to our leadership. Unfortunately, our leadership has not moved on the proposal, and we have no idea of when the policy may change.

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