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Federal Times reported earlier this week that retirements skyrocketed in February, suggesting that the retirement wave may be regaining steam. Are you one of the 20,374 feds who put in your papers last month? We’d like to talk to you, to find out why you decided to call it a day. Was it because of the sequester and furlough threats? The general bad news from the last couple of years? Or were there other factors at play?

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  1. Robert Browning on

    I retired for several reasons.
    1) Health issues
    2) Constant threats against civilian employees….benefits, pay, retirement status/age, etc…
    3) Political stupidiy by our “leaders”
    4) Just tired of being a mistreated public servant with almost 21 years of dedicated service. Mistreated by politicians and leaders within my last job position.

  2. With 34 years of Fed Service (CSRS), I was working for very little pay being that I was at the top of a GS14 Step 10

    GS14 Step 10 = $125K
    Retirement = $ 85K

    Three year pay freeze for being employed reduces pension increase to 2% of High Three. Being retired I get the full COLA.

    Bottom line, I was working for about $40K before subtraction out 7% contribution to CSRS ($8.7K and an extra $10K for taxes.) Net, I was taking home an extra $25K or so for working full time.

    I liked the work but enough is enough with the constant Fed bashing, pay freezes, etc. I can make good money consulting, but for now I will just retire and enjou myself

  3. Brent St John on

    Yes I did retire I took the early out,from the Postal service for health reasons and because this is not the same as it was when I started working there.Since I put in for my retirement it has been a nightmare first off my retirement papers got lost in the mail,they were found and while I was waiting for my return offer I got a letter from HQ Wash Dc that said I was put into the wrong retirement coverage I could not retire until they got it sorted out,so I called Hr and they told Me Wash didn’t know anything since I put in for my retirement and it was past the date to revoke I had to retire.so I don’t know if im’ fers or csrs but I do know that I got a lot less money than my estimate, on my opm card it says Csa as opposed to Csf could you tell me the difference.I hope they get it right thanks Brent

  4. Jerry Pulliam on

    I retired 1 year ago, got tired of the FED bashing from both sides Democrates and Republicans. Had enough of the pay freezes which meant I wasn’t gaining anything staying around. Actually I was going backwards. What most folks and politicians seem to miss is without Federal Workers this country won’t run. It’s not the politicians that run the country they make the policy it’s the Federal Workers that make those policies work and enforce those policies. We’ve already seen how well the politicians would do if they were actually enforcing their own policies, right nothing, dead lock, grid lock, finger pointing, Etc.

  5. Escaped USPS in VERA 2004 with 28 1/2 years of service. Landed a contract RN job at USPS from 2004 until mid 2011. Wife was severanced from her job in late 2012. Been getting my CSRS pay and FEHB since 2004. Used my savings plus some of wife’s 401k and we paid our house off. Now we can live on my retirement okay. Wonder what will happen to our insurance with all the changes at USPS and Obamacare.

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