Snowquester closes DC offices Wednesday


The Office of Personnel Management just announced that federal offices in the Washington area will be closed Wednesday due to snow. The storm — dubbed “snowquester” — has now begun, and is expected to hammer Washington. The Washington Post’s Capitol Weather Gang just tweeted that “conditions will deteriorate fast” as the main part of the snowstorm moves in to Washington.

OPM says that the closure does not apply to emergency employees and telework-ready employees who are required to work. But for everybody else, enjoy your snow day.


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  1. TruthMakesPeace on

    Our bloated Governmonster gives thousands of workers a day off with pay. There are just a few flakes coming down. What a bunch of babies. Our tax dollars at work.

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  3. The Federal Gov’t has such double standards for it’s employees. Those of us in the rural locations are expected to come to work no matter what the weather. And we get sharp emails from our state offices each winter regarding closing offices for hazardous weather. If we can’t get to work due to 10 inches of blowing, drifting snow we are expecting to use our vacation time. But Washington, DC feds get told to stay home even before the storm hits.

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