Thinking of taking the latest Postal Service buyout?


For clerks, drivers and anyone else out there represented by the American Postal Workers Union, if you’re considering (or have already made a decision on) taking the $15,000 buyout offer announced this week,  we at Fed Times are interested in speaking with you for a story about the reaction this offer is getting from the USPS career workforce.

Just send me an email at and let me know how to reach you and what’s the best time.


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  1. Am on a three week investment property search in SW Fla, saw the offer on Postal Employee Network, I have 32 yrs as of July 23rd,the cash incentive is for me a non issue, if I could go with no 2% penalty for every year under 55, I am 52……..Id retire…….the $15,000 after taxes might compute to $10,000……..6% penalty is $3,000 a year for the whole retirement ………..20 years equates to $60,000……..

  2. Valerie Dodson on

    Plan on going for sure Jan 31…have been waiting for this for a while. If workers would just pick up the pace andwork a little harder and smarter then th USPS would be OK. But workes dont really care…they avean excuse for everthing, blame someone else and come to work when they “can”

  3. I am a letter carrier who is chomping at the bit to get an early out. Don’t even have to offer money,just a vera. Never hear any mention of letting the carriers out. We need to get out our bodies are breaking down, we are old, please let’s get something moving on the carrier side.

  4. ‘greg krier’…if you are csrs then there is a penalty. so don’t go. don’t ‘krier’ about it.

    i think every plant has a couple of ‘valerie dodsons’ to call there own. you know, the lazy slacker who thinks they are a good worker! i like how valerie calls her coworkers out for ‘blaming someone else’ and then goes on to blame the usps problems on that elusive ‘someone else.’ but in valerie’s case i believe she is blamng everyone else, but herself of course. good riddance on 1/31/13, you won’t be missed.

  5. So excited I could hardly sleep. Also been waiting on this for a while. Still walking on air. I am a year over MRA, but with a “mere” 27 years in. Without this I would have to wait until I am 60 for full retirement (no penalty and social security supplement.)

    Very surprised TSP will be available without penalty. Cash incentive mere icing on the cake.

    Looking forward to normal hours. Easy to get caught up in postal “crap.” Need a broader, healthier perspective of life. 120 days and a wake up…

  6. Walter Dingle on

    $15,000.00 does not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I was eligible September 1. I’m waiting to see if we get some grown-ups in the White House instead of the political bedwetters currently in office.

  7. do the math.10k in may,4months waiting for money.part pay form your retirment untill if you work untill the end of may you get 20k pay +benifits.which one would you choose

  8. I’m a Mailing Requirerments clerk. I have 36 yrs in, and I’m 62.I’m leaning towards taking it. See you on the golf course.

  9. @ Greg Krier … you miscalculated. If you left at 52, you be collecting >$32K for at least three years before you hit 55. That’s over $90K in three years. And you want to stick around for an extra measly $60K over 20 years…? Health, my friend, health.

  10. my brother retired in june of 2012..talked to opm about 3 weeks ago…was told it would take anywhere from 8 to 10 months to get his papers processed…so please anyone out there who is considering this be prepared to wait a while before you get your full benefits

  11. WHY don’t they offer the CSRS carriers?!?!I have over 37 years in and I have a hard time understanding how someone with 28 years is walking out the door!!Why not let the senior carriers go and let the junior people transfer over to fill the vacancies?? Doesn’t seniority mean anything anymore? And keep your paltry $15k.Give me my three years and I’ll leave tomorrow…

  12. Federal Times would please notfy N A L C Pres Orlando to get something done for early out for older carriers stop runing around the bush get something done for us we paid our dues to represent us let get something going for early outfor us carriers

  13. If the Postal service were really serious about letting people go,I feel they would get all they can handle by doing away with or temporarily suspending the 2% penalty for both age and time.

  14. I’m ready! WooHOO! Better get that retirment while there is one to get! I’m freeing up my position for the younger people – I’m 53. My husband is retiring in June from the Navy. We’re going RVing while we’re healthy.

  15. I have to do the math when the “letter” arrives, but that will factor in the fact that retirees get a better COLA than I’ve gotten for a decade, that I would no longer be contributing to either TSP (voluntary) or CSRS, and that I would not be using gas to the degree that I do now—AND that, for a while at least, I wouldn’t be shattered awake by the alarm clock. Sound like I’m leaning toward January 31st? Yep. On the negative side, a recent retiree told me that he was advised his permanent, accurate retirement amount wouldn’t arrive for up to a year! Sounds like OMB is making negative progress toward fixing their ancient system.

  16. Why have I been receiving letters for 5 years saying I could retire at age 62 with 5 years of service, but now that’s not good enough for the buyout?

  17. retired 3 mos. ago. missed the buyout but no regrests. have been living a good life and some days i am so busy i do not have time for a nap. if i die and i am $10,000 short then i made the wrong decision. god bless the ones who get the buyout and for you other clowns that are working when you have 40 years in, god bless you to but life is short

  18. What’s really sad is the Post Office is suffering with Pre-funding 75 Billion dollars while the Obama Administration spends “Trillions” adding to the deficit, but nothing for the Post Offfice…

  19. Bradley richner on

    here’s the math. It is now oct. apx 4 months from now 31 jan,
    retired. Than 4 months later 23 may, we finally get the money
    which @ 20 percent fed deductions = $8,000 of $10,000. After this waiting period, we settle back for another 12 months to receive the balance of $5,000 -20% = $4,000. You would think
    the geniuses would have given all of it at retirement considering the economy. Why does it take 4 months to cut a check?

  20. The buy out is great I took it as a mail handler in July 2012 with 28 yrs service. With all the buyouts there is not enough personnel at OPM to handle the case loads, Ergo one has to wait 7 to 8 months to get ones’ pension. So be prepared.

  21. Lori Folcarelli on

    I am a letter carrier with over 33 years of service and am eligible to retire in a few months. I have been waiting for a buyout for years. I agree with Judy Fenton. Our bodies are breaking down. The doctor told me this week I have arthritis in both hips and a pinched nerve and they want us to work longer hours and carry more in our bags. I need to go.

  22. Turned 62 this summer….anticipating that day as my postal retirement annuity increases the most on that day. Before the 62nd birthday the formula used is 1% of high three times years worked. On the 62nd birthday that formula changes to 1.1% due to not using any of the postal provided social security supplement from age 56 to 62. So the wait was worth $140 more monthly for life.

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