GSA center in search of digital government experts


A new virtual hub is searching for federal experts to help agencies with source code sharing tools, web hosting challenges and related issues.

As part of the Digital Government Strategy released in May, the General Services Administration stood up the Digital Services Innovation Center. GSA’s Gwynne Kostin is leading the center’s efforts.

“The center will work with agencies to establish shared solutions and training to support infrastructure and content needs across the federal government,” including video captioning and language translation, according to a blog post by federal chief information officer Steven VanRoekel.  “The Innovation Center will support agencies lacking these capabilities, not supersede agencies’ existing capabilities, and function as a cooperative enterprise that draws on resources from across government and leverages the expertise of forward-leaning agencies.”

On its website, the center describes four ways  interested feds can support its mission:

– Agency reps: The center will host agency employees for assignments from one to three weeks to three to nine months depending on projects.

-Co-Los: Work with agencies to develop their governance structure for developing and delivering digital services. 

-20 Percenters: Work on center initiatives, such as code development and blogging, for one day a week. Employees will gain new experiences, skills and networks while working in place at their agencies.

– Tapas: Complete burst assignments for  the center for one to five hours, such as copy editing, software testing, proofing, code review and captioning.

GSA is advertising the opportunities as a way to “solve the problems in your agencies and to engage your high-performing staff with cutting-edge projects across agency bounds.”



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  1. Good luck with that. As long as federal compensation is being attacked across the board with little regard to certain high-demand skill sets, the government will not attract and/or retain top notch engineering or computer science talent needed to make this initiative successful.

    Congress: Ye shall reap what you sow!

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