Defense official to lead federal spending oversight board


The President will nominate the Defense Department’s procurement policy director to lead a board that promotes transparency in government spending, the White House announced last week.

Richard Ginman, who became director of defense procurement and acquisition policy (DPAP) last June, will be asked to chair the  Government Accountability and Transparency (GAT) Board. The 11-member panel — made up of agency inspectors general, agency chief financial officers and a senior Office of Management and Budget official — is mirrored after a board that oversaw efforts to root out waste, fraud and abuse in stimulus spending. The GAT Board is focused on improving transparency and oversight in all federal spending.

Former chairman Earl Devaney, who also chaired the board that oversaw stimulus spending, retired from the GAT Board and from his job as Interior Department inspector general at the end of 2011.

Prior to becoming the DPAP director, Ginman served as principal deputy director of DPAP from 2008 to 2011.  Ginman worked for General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems between 2003  and 2006. Ginman, a retired Navy rear admiral, was also the Navy’s deputy for acquisition and business management and the deputy commander for contracts with the Naval Sea Systems Command.


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  1. hy does the government need to keep apointing high ranking retired indivuals to oversee some dreamed uo government board such as the transparency in government spending program isn’t there already enough people falling over each other in government to do this job besides it will be a matter of time before corruption overcomes the operation.

  2. A retired Admiral is going to direct transparency in government for defense spending? Is this some kind of joke? Thats like appointing an oil company executive to direct transparency in how gas prices are determined. It’s pathetic and shameless how these political turds think the American people are such idiots. Do yourself a favor Admiral, grow a backbone for once and do the job right or refuse it and stop stealing money from your fellow Americans by do nothing for something.

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