Postal Service gets more time to respond to lawsuit allegations


If you’re eager (and who isn’t?) to see how the U.S. Postal Service responds to Northrop Grumman’s $180 million lawsuit over a monster automation project gone awry, well, sit tight.  The original deadline was today, but Federal Claims Court Judge George Miller has given Postal Service lawyers an extension until Sept. 7.

“Additional time is needed to conduct further investigation that is required to prepare full and accurate responses to allegations” in Northrop’s suit, Miller ruled last week. Northrop did not object to the delay.




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  1. Cut your losses! All the machinery should be melted down including the purple pods! Go back to breaking down pallets and then the carriers will be back on time!

  2. I have been employed at the USPS for 36 years and the waste I have contacted Congressmen and Senators about over the years is excessive. Nothing was done about and nothing will be done about it because the people in charge of the allocation and applicable duties are either criminal in behavior or incompetant. The sun will still rise and set and the pigs will still feed and gourge themselves on everything not nailed down. Cynical, maybe. Realistic, definitely!

  3. Waste is nothing new, My facility spent nearly 35 million a the tray transsport system with two star systems that cost almost 10 million. Our inteligent leed plant manager decided to throw one of the star systems in the garbage and put manual case’s in its foot print. now they want to put another star system back in and someone is asking where did the 5 million dollar star go to??? well i guess since this leed plant manager is a mentor of Donaho that question will be overlook instaed of fire someone for throwing 5 millionin the trash.

  4. I picture the PO like the Sopranos…. Eight guys in Omaha taking kickbacks for vehicles,uniforms, paper, you name it.

  5. They should cut their losses, the system delays and destroys mail, is harder to deliver, takes more time, and breaks down constantly.

  6. Ken Schoentag on

    The Postal Service deserves to lose this lawsuit. I understand fully the animosity and anger postal carriers and clerks feel towards this automation change. However, as a retired Postal employee with 38 years Postal Service and having worked in all facits of the Postal Service from clerk to Postmaster in a large metropolitan office I can say unequivacally that Postal Management screwed this project up from the start. I also worked for six years as a contractor on this automation project from the start of this project the Postal Service failed to communicate and train Postal employees. They looked for the cheapest and easiest way to implement this program without training the employees properly. They made changes constantly over the course of the development of this program and they failed to follow developed operational plans that had been agreed upon. Change is difficult and automation change that will directly dilute and impact both crafts would be epecially difficult under normal circumstances. However upper management failed to grasp the significance of properly training employees and that failure has led to numerous problems and exasperated the problems with this program. One constant in the Postal Service has been change and the failure of management to manage change properly. I feel sorry for the dedicated postal employees that have been shafted by upper management and their self serving mismanagement of a true national treasure the U.S. Postal Service and her dedicated work force.

  7. To admit that the FSS machines were a huge mistake that cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars it didn’t have would require that Postal management admits they made a mistake. What do you think the chances of that ever happening are?

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