Postal workers union confirms "informal" talks over employee buyouts


The American Postal Workers Union is out with a somewhat cryptic news release on the status of negotiations over possible buyout/early out incentives. The bottom line: Stay tuned.

Although the union acknowledged “informal  conversations” with the U.S. Postal Service, “no official offers have been made or discussed,” according to the release, posted on the APWU’s web site late this afternoon.

“We expect the Postal Service to make a formal request to negotiate over early-outs and incentives after several other outstanding issues have been addressed,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said in the release. Guffey didn’t say what those issues are. Spokespersons for the union and the Postal Service didn’t respond to requests for more information.

Judging FedLine’s inbox, however, interest is running high among at least some APWU members, particularly since the National Postal Mail Handlers Union last month made a deal for $15,000 buyouts–spaced over two years–available for about 45,000 employees in that craft.




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  1. I have advice for Cliff, and Pat…keep the $15k, if you REALLY want employees to leave, do what the senate proposed in HR1789, 2 years service time for FERS employees, how long can you live on $10K (after taxes), you can’t even buy a new car. Give employees 2 years, and you will get what you want, a way to replace good paying Union jobs, with lower paid non-career glorified casuals, isn’t that what you both negotiated in the last contract.

  2. Hey Guffey,time to make these talks ”FORMAL” don’t you think?If you’re worried about lossing your nice union salary then go back to the workroom floor and do the crap we do.Get us our buyout NOW or hit the road.

  3. Cliff,it is time to make the deal and cut loose those who want to go before you lose members due to your inaction.

  4. It’s pass time that Cliff Guffey do all that he can to get elgible Union members out of the Postal Service as soon as possible, especially people under civil service. You mentioned that you had several more important items that you have to resolve, before talks begin for an early out. I’ts time to cancel these talks and put the early out at the top of your list. Don’t worry about how many Union Members you will lose; do the right thing for the elgible members.

  5. Give both-2 years service and $15,000. Remember-OPM is still taking 6-8 months to get retirement checks up to speed & employees will need the $$ for the transition as they wait.

  6. wayne calloway on

    would you really leave for 15K ? after taxes you get about 10K over two years, if they are around for the second year that is! I have over 30 years as a Letter Carrier, if they arent offering me a years salary Im staying and getting them for every dime I can make. Lets face it, there arent many jobs out there that pay our pay and vacation time,plus health benefits. just remember to think before you leap

  7. They did the $15,000 a few years ago and not too many took it. Many eligible people in my office would like the years added onto their time or at least $20,000.

  8. We CRS eligible folks want out! Soooo, please hear this 31 year veteran loud and clear, make early-outs for CSRS a priority. Also ask for 25K just like EAS employees received. I will not leave for a measly 15K.

  9. Lots of folks in the Twin Cities want to take advantage of an incentive to leave. Please get off the dime and gree to let those eligible to leave go with what little recompense they can get after so many years of credible service.

  10. The real reason that Guffey is not negotiating a buyout is so the APWU doesn’t lose anymore union dues so that he can keep all his full time cronies at APWU headquarters. Email him and encourage him to do the right thing.

  11. The only reason people will take 15K is if they are close to retiring. Years service will attract more people. If it wasn’t for the no layoff claus these buyout negotiations wouldn’t be taking place!

  12. Postalworker on

    APWU Members,

    Tell Mr Guffey to stop all the propaganda and stupid politicking and just approve the Incentive for all eligible APWU members!! Gufey has gotten out of hand with all the impossible stuff he tells us he is fighting for and we should fight for, but which are totally unrealistic if he really wants to save the PO! How does he think the Postal Service will ever be able to stay out of default or ever break even, if some (maybe a lot of) manpower is never reduced or if unneeded facilities are not closed or consolidated due to the lack of 1st Class mail volume??? What he is trying to do is not possible or close to being realistic! Mr Guffey is living in a dream world as all his proclamations indicate and I think he has totally lost it! What he is doing is a disservice to the American people, but mainly it’s a disservice to APWU members who are relying on him to make intelligent decisions like approve any offer of an incentive! All he is doing is not facing reality which will lead to a much sooner collapse of USPS if he’s successful or doesn’t wake up soon on how wrong he is! Just tell him he is wrong and to do something that will at least help his APWU members and approve/accept an orderly offer of an incentive to those members willing to accept the offer! What he is doing with the Incentive offer/gift is simply outrageous, which is trying to use the Incentive offer/gift as a bargaining chip or ploy to get even more demands from USPS! Mr Guffey just get off your High Horse and act on your real priorities, number one being acceptance of any Incentive offer from USPS! Mr Guffey, can you not understand that reducing the Service Standards is much better than replacing the USPS with UPS or FedEx Management and no Unions, which is what will happen if you drag this kind of thinking out until the Republicans take over the Senate and White House??? Get off the High Horse now before its too late!!!

    Any Incentive offer is great and is actually a gift as USPS does not have to offer anything much less what some greedy members are saying should be $25K or more! Yes, who wouldn’t like such an offer, which may actually eventually come if Guffey forces USPS to default and we all lose our jobs to an outside Company who would not need any of our high paying jobs and benefits! You all can then thank Mr Guffey for a wonderful job of closing down USPS because he couldn’t get his way with some trivial demands and changes only he thinks we need from USPS, and for keeping his bloatted cash flow coming in from increased dues from all the unneeded employess under APWU (at least until they are all replaced by USPS’s suscesser)!! That Guffery really has a Great plan for the APWU, but does anyone really know what it is or how we end up based on his priorities? Wake up Mr Guffey!!!

  13. micke mcneill on

    how about getting negotiations in gear. to many of us want out, no matter the cost. i am leaving at the end of the year. i just want extra sugar on my cereal.

  14. Harold Pitman on

    President Guffey, I know that your looking at another buyout and that will mean less union dues coming in right. Stop playing games with people’s lives and less the members make up there own decisions about a buyout. You will see a mass exit by members the next 12 months when people get to there anniversary date. Member wake up and smell the coffee or roses what ever works for you and get him out of office now before its too late. I am tired of the games now and hope that people come to there senses and give us a buyout and soon.

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