2013 budget cuts: What do you think?


While spending in the Obama administration’s proposed fiscal budget is essentially flat overall, some agencies are facing cuts. The Agriculture, Defense, Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury departments and the Environmental Protection Agency are just a few of the organizations that could possibly see declines in their budgets next year.

What do you think about the proposed budget? How would cuts affect your organization, and what would they mean for you personally? E-mail me at slosey@federaltimes.com or Sean Reilly at sreilly@federaltimes.com to share your thoughts. If you’d like to talk anonymously, that’s fine.


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  1. I work in DoD and the budget numbers are not encouraging, nor are they final. There will be movement, but I suspect what ultimately results will force either widespread RIF action (once DoD leadership decides what to do without) or furloughs (spread the pain all around).
    I’m budgeting next year based on an effective 25% cut in pay due to what I think is most likely: widespread furloughs.

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