Staffer: Sen. Rand Paul detained by TSA in Nashville


The communications director for Sen. Rand Paul, R-K.Y., said on Twitter that the Senator was detained by TSA while at the airport in Nashville.

According to Fox News:

Moira Bagley, the senator’s spokeswoman, told Fox News that Paul called her after he went through a “full body screener,” described to her as a body-imaging machine, and was stopped for an anomaly around his leg. The senator lifted his pants leg to show nothing was there and offered to go back through the machine, but the TSA official said no, only a full-body pat down would suffice.

Will update as more information becomes available.

Update: Rand Paul is trending on Twitter. Just type in @tsa to see people’s reactions.


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  1. He met the Administration’s profile of the most dangerous people in the world…

    Individuals pursuing happiness and liberty in accordance with the US Constitution…

    What else could the TSA do?

  2. You’re right, it is illegal in the USA to be a non-union member and/or not on welfare. What was the senator thinking anyway.

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