Postal Service proceeds with first-class mail service standard change


Despite the five-month freeze on mail processing plant closings announced this week, the U.S. Postal Service is pursuing the change in first-class mail delivery standards tied to that proposed downsizing.

That planned change would slacken the existing delivery benchmark–now one to three days–to two to three days.  As part of the  the same initiative, the Postal Service wants to close more than half of its 461 processing facilities, with the goal of running the remaining plants more efficiently under the new standard.

In a Federal Register notice published today, the mail carrier acknowledges that eliminating the overnight delivery standard for first-class mail will cost it some business, but says the savings will be worth it.  You can read all about it here;  the public comment period runs until Feb. 13.



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  1. As a retired USPS employee, I have been sending my payments using stamps and trusting that the payment will get there in time. This move to r-e-l-a-x delivery standards is very destructive! Why would I chance my payment being late when it is so easy to without using mail service?

    It is so sad to see the possible demise of the USPS! So many sharks are circling to get a piece of such a wonderful service! Do you realize how much it will cost you to mail a letter using private companies? See for yourself, the flat rates begin at over $4 per item! Are you prepared to pay for your mail to be forwarded to you, if you move?

    I could go on and on about the services that are provided that will be gone forever! The USPS is the only govt. agency that pays its own way! Too bad they also are the only govt. agency forced to make excessive payments to Treasury Dept for future employees retirements-THESE PEOPLE AREN”T EVEN BORN YET-funding is 75 yrs. ahead. Whoa, this isn’t making sense?

    Someone make good judgements with some downsizing and costcutting!! This statement is finally making sense to me-Don’t throw the baby out with the wash-water!

  2. So what’s news here? Maybe news to the public but standards have been lack for years and now they decide to announce it. BIG DEAL

  3. Please explain how the savings of delaying first class mail without plant closings is a good business decision?The mail will just in your local PO for a extra day or two. Quit calling it first class mail since it’s being treated as second & thrid class.

  4. Former PO employee on

    I wish they would quit messing with penny increases for stamps. Up it a full nickel and see if that doesn’t help. It still wouldn’t cost what it did in the 1800s for the Pony Express. That was $1.00 and ounce, or in todays money about $25.00.

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