Federal Protective Service having trouble with its move to NPPD


The Federal Protective Service is having problems moving all of its services from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to its new home at the National Protection and Programs Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security.

Despite an original deadline of Oct. 2010, FPS has only transferred 13 of 18 support services, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Aug. 15.

As the report details:

 For example, while functions such as human capital and budget formulation have been transferred, information technology (IT) services, business continuity and emergency preparedness, facilities, personnel security, and equal employment opportunity have not…DHS also developed a detailed schedule to manage the transfer of IT services, as called for in the transition plan. However, GAO’s analysis of the schedule found that it did not reflect GAO’s best practices for scheduling such as capturing, sequencing, and assigning resources to all activities necessary to accomplish the work.

The GAO said DHS had estimated it would cost $6.2 million to complete the IT transition, but that the estimate was based on incomplete data and not on best practices. GAO recommended better cost-estimation practices and more complete and accurate data about the ongoing transfer to NPPD.


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