Post office closing candidate list coming Tuesday


Newsflash: On Tuesday, U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe will release a list of post offices to be studied for closing, as well as announce  “a new concept” for possibly replacing P.O.’s that close, according to a news release.

The morning news conference will come less than two weeks after the U.S. Postal Service published the final version of regulations aimed at making it easier to shutter some of its 32,000 post offices. Despite some changes to the draft released in March, the final version preserved a key element allowing the Postal Service to target facilities that suffer from “insufficient customer demand” or where customers have other ways of buying stamps and services.

Since March, Donahoe has floated a couple of numbers on how many facilities he wants to close within the next year or so. The initial figure was around 2,000, but at a May congressional hearing, Donahoe put the figure at around 1,000.


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  1. Consolidation of small offices not only makes sense, but should be the vanguard of a major restructuring of the PO. Every PO does not require a Post Master. Experienced clerks can take on some management responsibilities. I’d like to see hiring practices closley scrutinized. What percentage of PO employee’s are vets? It should be close to 90% when in reality, it is probably 50% at best. The PO management has ran this fine institution into the ground, its time for a clean sweep with new ideas and managers not tied to the past.

  2. I can understand the closing/consolidation of small post offices. But that should be a last ditch effort to save the PO. The first thing that needs to be done is to get rid of several billion dollars in high salaried upper management. Let’s face it, they deliver mail and packages. Nothing they do is rocket science. There is no need for a DC headquarters, 7 Area offices and 74 district offices. Please get rid of these make believe jobs that bleed money and bring in no revenue before you close our post offices and cut our delivery days!

  3. In regards to the comment about using clerks instead of Postmasters. I can tell you that a clerk makes more per hour than a postmaster of a small town so that will not save them money, it will cost them money.

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