White House releases list of top-level websites


As part of an effort to eliminate and consolidate thousands of federal websites, the White House this week released a list of 1,759 top-level sites  and named a 17-member task force to lead the cost-cutting initiative.

Under the new policy, outlined by federal Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients in a June 13 memo, the White House is freezing creation of all new .gov domains for 90 days. The effort is expected to eliminate waste and duplication, save money and enhance the public’s online interaction with the government.

The .gov task force, whose 17 members include–Todd Park, chief technology officer at the Health and Human Services Department and Sheila Campbell of the General Services Administration’s Center for Excellence in Digital Government–will be responsible for developing a national web strategy for .gov sites, assessing federal websites and upgrading federal web policies.

By August 12, the White will launch a national dialogue on usa.gov to solicit feedback from the public about the published data, how to assess government websites and make data more transparent and best practice for the Web. By October, agencies will pinpoint websites that can be eliminated or consolidated and post any actions they take following their reviews.


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