Obama reorg plan could be months away


Atingle with suspense over what President Obama may be contemplating in the way of a government restructuring?

Keep atingling. It could be several months before the reorganizer-in-chief decides exactly how to proceed, one of the leaders in that effort said Thursday.

“This is hard,” Lisa Brown, co-director of the Government Reform Initiative at the White House budget office, said in an interview. Obama “doesn’t do it lightly. He really is trying to figure out what the right answer is.”

Together with Jeffrey Zients, the budget’s office deputy director, Brown was in charge of putting together streamlining recommendations for the president, who first signaled his interest in reorganization in his January State of the Union Speech.

Those options were delivered earlier this month, according to the White House. Brown, who spoke after a Partnership for Public Service forum on the management lessons of 9/11, declined to discuss them, saying they are not public until Obama makes a decision.

“It remains to be seen exactly what comes out it,” she said.

A lot of work went into it, though: more than 350 people were interviewed, according to Brown.


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