Legislators support Prez disclosure plan


A group of House Democrats sent the President their written support of a draft executive order that would require contractors to disclose what they spend on lobbying and political campaigns.

“Absent public disclosure, there will certainly be some contractors who would seek to influence the awarding of contracts through unreported political contributions,” says the letter, dated June 2 and signed by 25 members. “By requiring contractors to disclose such contributions, you will help to prevent the temptation to engage in inappropriate and illegal behavior.”

Another group of primarily Republican senators have sent letters and issued statements in opposition of the proposed order, leaked in April. They say it would politicize the procurement process and silence the political speech of anyone who wants to do business with the government.

An amendment to the House-passed National Defense Authorization Act also preempts the order by precluding agencies from requiring that kind of disclosure.

Despite all the letters and commentary on the order, the White House has remained quiet about when, if ever, it will be issued.


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