Justice offical leaving for Washington-state based firm


Justice Department

The Justice Department announced Thursday that assistant attorney general for national security David Kris is leaving his post March 4.

As head of the National Security Division, Kris helped lead responses for various threats, including the failed bombing attempts in Times Square in May 2010 and on board an airliner Dec. 25, 2009. 

“David has greatly strengthened NSD, helping it develop into a mature organization,” a Justice official said.” NSD has developed some of the strongest relationships ever for a DOJ entity with the FBI, the Intelligence Community, and the Defense Department — relationships that have made the government more effective.”

Justice has not annouced an acting assistant attorney general for the Senate-confirmed position.

Kris is heading to Washington-state based Intellectual Ventures to serve as general counsel. The patent firm made news last year after filing three patent infringement suits against nine technology firms, including McAfee and Symantec Corp.   


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