Latest continuing resolution gets final approval


Happy Friday!

On a voice vote Thursday evening, the Senate passed a continuing spending resolution to keep the government in business through Dec. 18. The House had approved the resolution Wednesday. It will extend a similar measure that was set to expire Friday at midnight, so no government shutdown for at least another two weeks.

Like its predecessor, this new resolution basically keeps spending at fiscal 2010 levels. Since Congress is not likely to finish up work on a dozen fiscal 2011 appropriations bills in the week before Christmas, there will probably be at least one more continuing resolution to push us iton the new year. Then, it’s up to the 112th Congress to decide what happens next.


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  1. Technically, this has NOT passed its finally hurdle. The President still needs to sign it. It’s highly unlikely he won’t, but still, one last step to making this official. Until he does, all government contracts are at least theoretically at risk of cancellation. And no, I won’t even vent on the inability of Congress to discharge their annual duty to pass a budget. Again.

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