Government Printing Office wins recycling award


The Government Printing Office (GPO) won an award for its recycling programs, recovering nearly 5,000 tons of recyclable materials.

The GPO won the “Best Public Office Building Recycling Program award” that recognizes businesses or government agencies that try to make their environmental footprint smaller.

“This award is because of the efforts made by the men and women of GPO during the last 150 years,” said GPO Public Printer Bob Tapella.

“It is through their actions that we have attained sustainable environmental stewardship, which is good business and good government.”

The GPO was honored by the Washington, D.C. chapters of the Sierra Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Apartment Office and Building Association and the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington

Last year, the GPO began printing the Federal Register and the Congressional Record on 100 percent recycled paper.


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