Zients: Federal hiring process improving


The Obama administration has made measurable strides in simplifying the federal hiring process, Jeffrey Zients, acting chief of the Office of Management and Budget, said Monday afternoon. More than 80 percent of job descriptions are now “short and written in plain English,” compared to 19 percent before the start of an administration streamlining drive, Zients told attendees at an Excellence in Government conference at the Ronald Reagan Building. Almost 70 percent of job postings no longer require essays, he said, up from about 40 percent beforehand.

“Improving the hiring process will help us attract great talent,” Zients said. His presentation, at which he was joined by four other top OMB officials, was an upbeat assessment of the administration’s progress in cutting waste,  strengthening information technology procurement and making other management improvements. The conference was sponsored by Government Executive Media Group.

Zients could not, however, provide a precise metric on when the web site, performance.gov, will make its public debut. The site, which tracks the effectiveness of agency operations across government, is already available to federal managers. In a September memo, Zients said it would open to the public “later this fall.” Asked after Monday’s presentation for an updated timetable, he replied: “Certainly in the next couple of months.”


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  1. What a crock! Has he taken a look at the USAJOBS web site lately. KSA’s are still required for every position that I have looked at.

  2. hockeygoddess8 on

    That’s not true, I put in for several jobs on USAJobs and didn’t have to do a single KSA. I have already been in for an interview for a job that was closed on March 18th and they said they had to let me know within 2 weeks whether they hired me or not. Since the March 18th closing date they spent only a week at the “reviewing applications” stage and I had an interview by March 28th. They said to expect there decision by this Friday. So here to hoping. I can only assume that since SumBunny wrote that in November it probably didn’t go into affect until the new year.

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